Jan 03

20 Goals

Are you a goal setter? Do you start each new year with a bunch of great goals that you never totally intend to keep?

I don’t usually do this. I’m more of a birthday goal-setter. Somehow it feels more significant to me to set goals as I turn a year older. I like writing letters to myself too. But this year it feels right to use the new year to do some reflection and set some goals for next 365 days. They might seem silly or small, but these are a few things I’d love to achieve in 2012.

1) Run another half marathon (in Montreal or San Francisco?!)

2) Start and maintain a daily yoga practice

1) Make croissants from scratch

2) Make sushi

3) Make my own yoghurt from scratch

4) Do 8 weeks on a completely sugar free diet

5) Listen to my tummy – don’t eat past full!

(image source)

1) Finish the children’s book I’m working on

2) Publish a photo essay

3) Run the first global yMedia Challenge

4) Learn at least 2 more songs to play on the ukulele (I’m currently at about 4)

5) Read more books. Let’s aim for 4 novels and 3 non-fiction. Recommendations?

1) Write more letters to the people who matter to me.

2) Explore ways for our family to live more eco-friendly. Implement.

3) Live in a new city with our little family for a year or so.

1) Consume less. (Buy less stuff)

2) Simplify. Continue to de-clutter our lives by choosing quality over quantity.

3) Sleep more. Try to get to bed by 9/10pm during the weekdays.

4) Plan our wedding for early 2013!

5) Be grateful. Continuously.