Oct 29


My good friend Brice Ferre recently emailed me letting me know that he has used a picture of me in his latest campaign for AIDS (the ‘We Care, Red Ribbon Campaign’).  He hoped I wouldn’t mind.. and how could I?  He’s such a talented photographer and he’s using his skills for great causes (including photographing my pregnant belly, photos to come I promise!).

Here is the link to the beautifully shot campaign.  I hope you check it out!

And here is the photo of me that he used 😛

Oct 23

welcome to mexico

so after 24 hours in transit and mis-location of our luggage (they left them in san francisco by accident) we finally arrived in mexico! driving across the border from america consisted of a few policemen standing in a line and nodding us through.

‘that’s it?’ i asked, clutching my passport ready for inspection.
apparently so. welcome to mexico.

i only have a few observations to share so far and not much time to write, so here they are:

  • food is crazy sweet.  all that weight that i haven’t gained yet is quickly piling on
  • mexican people (or at least the ones i’ve met) are wonderfully friendly and warm
  • my spanish sucks
  • it’s silly hot.  and everyone here thinks it’s cold. (it’s 29 degrees celsius)
  • everyone drives cars
  • everyone eats tacos

and here are some photos of my new nieces and nephews! (photos of actual mexico to come)

Oct 16

angus & julia

a few weeks ago i heard that angus & julia stone were gonna be playing in vancouver.

i checked online and sure enough, all tickets had been sold.   gah! how did i not know this sooner?  i called around a few places and no-one had tickets left except one place that said they had 2 tickets… i asked if they could hold them for me and the guy said sure, if i got down there quick.  so i ran.  YUSSSS, 2 tickets for $30, it was a glorious day.

and a glorious night.  neither ivan nor i were feeling particularly well that evening and it was mighty cold out… we met braden there, a friend of ours who also happens to be mighty good at photography (check out his photos from the night) and he was chilling in the ‘vip’ area which was nice because it meant we could sit down before the show started.

if you haven’t seen them play live before, you really should.  they are so CUTE and have such a fun stage presence.  julia is so softly spoken and sweet, you can’t help but fall in love.  and angus reminds me a lot of my friend Guinness (it might just be the shaggy hair).

they didn’t play paper aeroplanes which is a favourite song of mine, but they played most everything else i wanted to hear.  especially the infamous wedding song that they haven’t recorded anywhere yet, but it’s so beautiful to hear her sing it, i actually cried throughout the entire song.  it’s that beautiful.  you can try to get a sense of it from here:

anyway, here are some photos we took from the evening. there’s a few nice ones :)

Oct 15


yah, ok so my boobs have grown.  i still cant get over how gigantic they have become.  Sometimes i find myself just staring at them in the mirror and wondering WHO they belong to and sometimes i don’t believe they’ve actually grown at all until i put on an old bra and realise that it barely even covers half a boob now.

i have no idea what’s going to happen to them post-baby… will they shrink? or sag? probably both.  but that’s not to worry about just yet… at the moment i actually LOVE having bigger boobs.  Last night ivan and i we were at the YMCA sitting in the hot tub and i told him matter-of-factly that having bigger boobs makes me feel more motherly AND more feminine AND more sexual.  Very strange how i can feel all of those things at once, BUT i immediately thought of christina hendricks (joan from mad men) and the way that she manages to be this amazonian, dominating mother-like figure at the office who is also extremely sexual – and i think it has something to do with her breasts (and hips).  Am i comparing my self to the outrageously beautiful christina hendricks?  yes, i am.

anyway – ivan was quick to point out that he loved my breasts before they grew AND he loves them now (safe answer if you ask me…) but to be honest, i dont really mind what he thinks of them anyway because i find them awesome.

so probably much to ivan’s delight, i have scoured the internet to find inspirational breasts that can help me feel pleased that my little B/C cup breasts are now a proud DD.  Here are my top 6 that I could find.

christina hendricks. by far my favourite

scarlett johansson... acting so-so, but beautiful nonetheless

diora baird.. she's from the new texas chainsaw massacre. and she has wonderful boobs

jennifer love hewitt.. i remember being amazed when i heard she had DD sized breasts when i was only 14!

jennifer connolley got a breast reduction recently. silly girl. this is a pre-reduction shot.

salma hayek - ok, maybe they are fake? i have no idea. but regardless, they are great looking boobs

Oct 15

18 weeks and 4 days

18 weeks, 4 days.

18 weeks, 4 days.