just do it

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oh nike, you have a pretty cool slogan. yesterday i was walking to meet some friends for a coffee and i started thinking about how i was developing a fat persons waddle.  sure, i’m pregnant, but still, when one finds oneself doing the fat persons waddle (waddling to accommodate a growing belly), one can’t help but be a little sad. …

what i would rather be doing

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for the past 3 days i have been lying in bed with my eyes closed. the doctor said that i have a throat infection and so i have been taking antibiotics.  it’s not a fun feeling, taking antibiotics, when you have a child growing inside you.  but anyway. today i am feeling a bit better and so i am back …

overseas commute

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Auckland (as everyone kept pointing out) is real similar to Vancouver, the main difference I found was that in Auckland you NEED a car and public transport is so expensive that it’s cheaper to own a car and drive than to commute everyday. I’m really interested in what the factors for a city to either have a great public transport …


henry + kylie

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today i spent the afternoon with my gorgeous friend kylie + her 7 month old baby boy henry (and 5 year old jack joined us a bit later).  kylie + i are planning a wee photography venture just quietly and so here are some practice snaps from this afternoon’s adventure