christmas gifts.

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What sort of Christmas presents do you buy for your loved ones?  Do you buy them practical, thoughtful things they might actually need (but haven’t/can’t/don’t buy for themselves)?  Or do you go in search of something that they would never expect?  Or do you make homemade gifts of no use?  Or practical homemade gifts that they could use? From what …


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Germans make me laugh SO much. I saw this magazine at a friend’s house last night and today i found it online. I find this hilarious (but the magazine is so beautiful). BEEF! is a new German food magazine aimed at men. (Don’t confuse it with the American magazine Sheep!.) BEEF! is for men who are interested in recipes –as …

a daisy.

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Ivan was so excited the first time he saw a field of daisies in NZ.  This was highly amusing for me as I am so used to seeing fields of daisies.  But it’s moments like these that make me ache with love for him.  The way he sees things and the way he helps me to see things in a …



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I took these when we were in Mexico. This is Sofía, my gorgeous little 4 year old niece. I decided to post them now because I’ve been playing around in photoshop all morning learning how to do cool things and I think these pictures look nice.

little tahi.

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I took these a while ago at Tahi’s first birthday. I remember hearing that Nick and Sheridan were having a baby and I remember seeing Sheridan one day at Chow after she had been to a prenatal yoga class and thinking she looked amazing, then I remember chatting to Nick online a day or two before he was born.  And …