Dec 20

christmas gifts.

What sort of Christmas presents do you buy for your loved ones?  Do you buy them practical, thoughtful things they might actually need (but haven’t/can’t/don’t buy for themselves)?  Or do you go in search of something that they would never expect?  Or do you make homemade gifts of no use?  Or practical homemade gifts that they could use?

From what I can see, Christmas has really become a time for buying people something. Not for the sake of them needing or wanting something, but for the sake of finding something worth buying and then giving it to them for the sake of Christmas.

In a time when there is so much talk about consumerism and debt in our society, I struggle to understand why anyone would buy anything for someone unless it was somehow practical or useful to them in some way.   Surely a perfect gift to receive is something that you would buy for yourself, but just can’t justify the spend.  Hence someone knowing you well enough to surprise you with such a desired luxury is the best gift ever?  I dunno.

But I have put together a small list of some very (in my opinion) practical gifts in no particular order that would be useful to almost anyone.

  1. Food.  Not basic items like flour and sugar, but perhaps more gourmet or organic or specialty foods that are really nice to have but that wouldn’t often make someone’s weekly shopping list.
  2. Bill Payments.  Kind of strange, but think about how nice it would be to know that your rent is covered for next week?  Or that your internet or phone bill has been paid for next month?  It oozes with practicality, but in all seriousness it would be pretty cool.
  3. Health spas.  Massages, beauty treatments, hair cuts, manicures.  So these definitely fall in the ‘nice-to-have’ section of practical but this is exactly the kind of practical gift that is so incredible to receive.  The sort of thing that you can’t list as a priority when money is tight, but makes you feel so incredible afterwards.
  4. Books.  One can never have enough books.  Again, the reason that books make my list is because books are something that I could continue to buy forever and ever until my money ran out.  So if you bought me a book, it would never be a ‘oh you shouldn’t have’ gift.  Last year one of my best friends gave me pretty much the best present ever:  12 wrapped-up books – one to open for every month of the year.  It was possibly the most satisfying, thoughtful and enjoyable gift I have ever received.  (And I got to enjoy it over again EVERY month of this year!)
  5. Towels/sheets.  How can you ever justify spending that extra money on Egyptian Cotton sheets or luxurious bath towels? You can’t really.  And you also can’t ever have too many.  Hence why they make an incredibly thoughtful gift.

A small list, I know.  Any other ideas or thoughts?

Dec 20


Germans make me laugh SO much.

I saw this magazine at a friend’s house last night and today i found it online. I find this hilarious (but the magazine is so beautiful).

BEEF! is a new German food magazine aimed at men. (Don’t confuse it with the American magazine Sheep!.)

BEEF! is for men who are interested in recipes –as well as Tokyo’s tuna market, the sharpness of knives and the water pressure in their espresso machine. For men who find noodles boring unless they’ve made them themselves… In the past, cooking magazines were for women, and men’s lifestyle magazines were for men. BEEF! combines the two in a fresh, informative and entertaining manner.

Dec 17

a daisy.

Ivan was so excited the first time he saw a field of daisies in NZ.  This was highly amusing for me as I am so used to seeing fields of daisies.  But it’s moments like these that make me ache with love for him.  The way he sees things and the way he helps me to see things in a new way without even realising it.  Daisies are beautiful and I’ve always thought so.  But thank you darling, for helping me to experience their beauty for the first time again.

I photographed a daisy for you:

This weekend is looking rainy and muggy, which might be perfect for putting those finishing touches on Christmas cards and presents (*cough* read: move from thinking about cards and presents to making/buying cards and presents)

Tonight we were thinking of going to this show.

And after a day of working hard (*cough* read: perusing the internet), here of some of my favourite things today:

This beautiful ring:

This very cute pendant necklace

The Vimeo Video School.

This Mad Men illustrated book.

This recipe for marinating meat – Mexican Style.

And this new fashion website.

Have a delightful weekend xxx

Dec 14


I took these when we were in Mexico. This is Sofía, my gorgeous little 4 year old niece. I decided to post them now because I’ve been playing around in photoshop all morning learning how to do cool things and I think these pictures look nice.

Dec 13

little tahi.

I took these a while ago at Tahi’s first birthday.

I remember hearing that Nick and Sheridan were having a baby and I remember seeing Sheridan one day at Chow after she had been to a prenatal yoga class and thinking she looked amazing, then I remember chatting to Nick online a day or two before he was born.  And then I remember hearing news he was born!  And I remember thinking how small he was in the photos.  And then I visited NZ and saw him at about 7 months.  And here he is, 1 year old, so chubby, so cute, with such amazing parents and so fascinated by Red’s iPhone (who wouldn’t be?)