Jan 31

anniversary weekend.

Infections are no fun.  On Thursday I was in so much agony that I resorted to a doctor’s visit which resulted in antibiotics and probiotics being prescribed.  However, today is Tuesday and (you’ll be relieved to know) I am feeling much better.  In fact, I am feeling so much better that I can not even fathom the unbearable pain from last week.  I remember telling Ivan at some point during the height of my agony that this was probably worse than what labour is going to feel like.  (ha!)

On Saturday afternoon (the unbearable pains had subsided to somewhat more bearable pains) two gorgeous girls from Canada (little sister of a friend and her friend) arrived in Auckland.  They stayed with us for the weekend before departing via the Naked Bus midday on Monday en route to Cambridge (sweetly pronounced ‘Cam-bridge’ instead of ‘came-bridge’).   We weren’t the most exciting hosts – but I have to take some pictures of the incredibly beautiful baby gifts they gave us. Completely unnecessary but entirely appreciated!  (Photos to come later today)

Here are some cool things from this weekend

  • Slightly overpriced but unarguably cool bed.
  • The 100 Thing Challenge.   I’ll be dedicating an entire blogpost to this soon, so stay tuned.  (Also check out this guy on the topic)
  • FontFuse – for Ivan :)
  • We saw The Fighter last night.  I don’t wanna say too much about it – except it started a little slow (I think) but by the end of it I was wishing it wouldn’t end).
  • The baby is small but has been wriggling around in my belly all weekend. This makes me uncontrollably happy.

Jan 27

at this moment.

I’m currently…

wanting to show off the talents of one of my bestest friends and his girlfriend.  Check out their work.  (I especially like this one)

…loving the new Decemberists album!!  Quite seriously it makes me gloriously happy (perhaps because Gillian Welch features on most of it…)

…wondering what our child will look like.  I can not stop thinking about our child.  Last night at antenatal class we talked about how freaky strange newborn children can appear.  Think covered in a white cheesy-like substance, kind of blue looking, cone-shaped head, hairy shoulders/back/chest, ‘stork’ marks on the face and back of the neck, swollen genitals, strangely bent limbs, little white pimples, a squished up face… the list really does go on.   So when you come and visit our baby in the first couple days, I won’t expect you to tell me it’s cute.  But you better.

…thinking about death.  Not in a morbid way, but I know of 2 people who have passed away recently.  And I’m about to give birth.  It really makes life seem strange.  A friend of mine is reading this book (I think this is the one he mentioned) and I’m considering picking it up too.

…feeling excited for Ivan’s first swim race!  Tonight at 6pm he’ll be swimming in the summer swim series, so make sure you’re thinking positive thoughts for him!!

…enjoying summer and looking forward to winter.  I love cooking fresh fish and salad for dinner on these beautiful hot nights.  I love seeing people in their short shorts and jandals (flip flops) and sunglasses and hats.  I also love the smell of sunscreen.  But I still can’t wait to be all bundled up in winter with our newborn baby.

…smiling after receiving a courier parcel this morning from some lovely family friends containing the most adorable little body suit (in red stripes!) for baby!  I was so overjoyed that I did a little dance around the house in my underwear while Ivan kindly waited by the door for me jingling the car keys (we were running late for work).

…planning a photo shoot with a family this weekend.  I also decided to put all my pictures into one place on Facebook. Have a looksie and ‘like’ it for me.. go on!

wishing that all my friends and family could come together in one magical place for a weekend.  From all around NZ and all around the world.  For something like this!  Or just to be together.

I also really love this adorable picture:

Tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo!

Jan 26

grace, ella, jack, henry & sophia.

Have you seen this commercial? It pretty much suggests to me that screaming children are the best form of contraception.

However… after spending the afternoon with 3 friends and their insanely gorgeous children.. I can strongly suggest that if you don’t want to get pregnant – don’t hang around with cute kids. Especially ones with big eyes. Or curly hair. Or funny expressions. I’m warning you… the urge to procreate might overwhelm you.

Luckily, I’ve already fallen victim to this urge so I’m immune to any further effects at this stage.  But if you are currently fighting the breeding instinct… you might not want to proceed from here.  Here are 5 beautiful children: (20 photos from the many i took… but it’s time for bed)

Jan 25

Lego Letterpress!

Physical Friction by Samuel Cox & Justin La Rosa really talks to my inner geek and child at the same time.

Seriously Type & Lego at the same time!? I just can’t wait for our child to be 4 so I can have an excuse to have a Lego Room, it’s for the baby, right?

Jan 25

a slow day.

Our internet has dwindled down to dial-up speed after Ivan and I downloaded the HD version of Despicable Me (and 4 other movies) this month.

When I say dial-up, I mean barely enough internet speed to open Gmail.  It does that friendly little thing where it politely suggests that maybe I’d like to try opening Gmail in basic html version rather than in suitably named ‘standard’ version.   No, I would not like to load my emails in basic html thanks, but it seems I have no choice, so sure, go ahead.

I know that I’m trying to focus on all the wonderful things in life at the moment, but when you can’t get on the internet it is just.so.frustrating!  Ha.  So I tuned my ukulele and sadly the internet could not load up any of the music I wanted to learn today.  And so then I did some cleaning and took a long shower.  I bought a coffee so I could sit in a cafe for a while and poach some of their “broadband”.  I watched a friend eat lunch at a different cafe to kill some time (and for the company!).   And then I swam and walked and when I got home, it hurt to pee.

I will not ask Google why it hurts to pee.

Oh but I did anyway.  And I should probably call my midwife tomorrow.  Google told me (after I waited for the page to load… 30 seconds.  30 seconds?!!!)  that I could potentially get a kidney infection which could lead to hospitalisation (and all sorts of problems).

Tomorrow we should have our internet back up and running and I will follow up with this painful peeing business.

On a nicer note – for dinner tonight I made us this amazing vietnamese soup (so easy and so delicious) and this so-so-but-incredibly-healthy red cabbage salad. I’m not overly used to cooking cabbage yet, so I was a little inexperienced with it.  I’m not sure if I cooked it for too long or too little or if the strips were too big or too small.