anniversary weekend.

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Infections are no fun.  On Thursday I was in so much agony that I resorted to a doctor’s visit which resulted in antibiotics and probiotics being prescribed.  However, today is Tuesday and (you’ll be relieved to know) I am feeling much better.  In fact, I am feeling so much better that I can not even fathom the unbearable pain from …

at this moment.

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I’m currently… …wanting to show off the talents of one of my bestest friends and his girlfriend.  Check out their work.  (I especially like this one) …loving the new Decemberists album!!  Quite seriously it makes me gloriously happy (perhaps because Gillian Welch features on most of it…) …wondering what our child will look like.  I can not stop thinking about …

grace, ella, jack, henry & sophia.

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Have you seen this commercial? It pretty much suggests to me that screaming children are the best form of contraception. However… after spending the afternoon with 3 friends and their insanely gorgeous children.. I can strongly suggest that if you don’t want to get pregnant – don’t hang around with cute kids. Especially ones with big eyes. Or curly hair. …

Lego Letterpress!

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Physical Friction by Samuel Cox & Justin La Rosa really talks to my inner geek and child at the same time. Seriously Type & Lego at the same time!? I just can’t wait for our child to be 4 so I can have an excuse to have a Lego Room, it’s for the baby, right?

a slow day.

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Our internet has dwindled down to dial-up speed after Ivan and I downloaded the HD version of Despicable Me (and 4 other movies) this month. When I say dial-up, I mean barely enough internet speed to open Gmail.  It does that friendly little thing where it politely suggests that maybe I’d like to try opening Gmail in basic html version …