Feb 28

fun gif take 2.

Ah too much fun.

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Feb 28

on the move. again?

Six months ago I jokingly asked my friend Pablo to get me a job in New Zealand. Two months passed and Pamela and I found ourselves landing in Auckland.

Today I started talking to one of my best friends Brian about living to NY. Does this mean I’ve started the clock to an inevitable move to NY? I sure hope so. Living in a New York loft is one of the many things in our long list of ‘things to do’ and with some planning there’s no reason why it can’t happen.

There’s obviously quite a list of things needed to be done before a big move: Find a job, pay off current debts, get work permits (if needed), find a place to call ‘home’ and do some research into the area we’d be moving to.

Pamela and I refuse to succumb to the belief that we need to ‘settle down’ now that we have a child on the way.  However, we are very aware of the traps that await us – fast forward 10 years and we’re both just one move away from max potential salary earnings at the companies we work at, the kids are settled into a school, we’ve got a mortgage on a house and our support network is just so great.  These traps are so real and we are already feeling the effects of some of them as they work to stop us travelling.

But acknowledging these traps is the first step in avoiding them.  So moving forward with the planning…

I found an extensive study of the top 50 neighborhoods in NY with an amazing breakdown of their rating (price, location, transit, schools, safety, etc) a great resource to anyone considering moving there. So far GreenpointBrooklyn Heights sound really appealing.

Greenpoint Stats

Brooklyn Heights Stats

I’m aware that lofts and a child sound like water and oil, BUT, I am a big believer that some creativity and workmanship can turn any living space into a suitable place to raise a child. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this child-friendly loft featured in apartment therapy.

Feb 28

i heart faces, week one.

So I can’t even remember how I found this, but it’s a very cool concept.  It’s a weekly portrait photo competition where members get 2 days to submit a photo that fits the weekly theme.  I’ve been looking for ways to force myself to take more specific photos, so this is just perfect.  I’m a little late for ‘taking’ this week’s photo though, so I’m going to use one that I took about a month ago.  They list the themes in advance though, so from now on I’m going to actually take a new photo each week for the competition.  Just for fun.

This week happens to be ‘not a face’ week.  Hmmm… I take so many face photos so I had a bit of trouble with this.  But Ivan’s favourite is this sweet one of Ella and her fallen pig thing – so I guess this will be my first submission.  Cool.

If you want to check out the site (and join and play!) then click the link below :)

Feb 27

courtney & brad.

I don’t think I know a cuter couple.  Quite seriously.

Ivan and I spent Saturday late afternoon at Courtney’s family (dream) home in Coatesville photographing these two. It was my first ‘couple’ shoot I’ve ever done, and to be honest, they made it pretty easy for me.

Although I’ve decided that kissing shots are like baby/toddler shots – they always look good!  Luckily there were some horses around and we brought some balloons which mixed things up a bit – but next time I’m definitely going to use more of a theme and plan some props.  For a first try that wasn’t overly planned though, I’m pretty happy with the results.

If there are any couples out there wanting to give this a go then let me know!

Feb 24

18 sleeps, devastating events & glorious events.

With such devastating events occurring on Tuesday, I know I’m not the only one who is finding it hard to focus right now.

I am reminded of how lucky I am, how fragile life is and how our lives can be changed, flipped around, turned upside down in a matter of minutes.  In the evenings, when Ivan arrives home safely on his bike, I can’t help but mentally whisper ‘thank-you’ to the universe for returning him to me in one piece day after day.  It’s hard to know what to do as we sit helplessly watching the news, receiving twitter & facebook updates online and reading devastating headlines in the newspaper.

But as time continues to charge forward, our little baby is rapidly growing bigger and bigger and is getting ready to enter this world.  The ‘Official Due Date’ is only 18 sleeps away.

Ivan has the flu, Christchurch is in ruins, NZ is mourning and all around the world, glorious events are still happening.

One such glorious event occurred yesterday when I arrived home after a somewhat hot and uncomfortable trip to the supermarket.

On the kitchen table, sat a parcel with my name on it.  I didn’t recognise the sender’s initials and I opened the parcel with timid anticipation.  The only thing better than receiving a parcel from someone, is receiving a parcel from someone who you’d never ever expect to receive a parcel from.

This was the parcel’s contents:

It was sent and made by a beautiful girl called Raven.  I haven’t seen Raven for 3 years, and in fact I’ve only ever spent 5 days with her in my entire life.  But she heard we were expecting a wee baby and she knitted this absolutely beautiful hat with attachable flowers (so it can be suitable for a boy or girl!) and she sent it to me and she pretty much made our entire home radiate with happiness.  Such a beautiful gesture to remind us of how glorious life can be.

Baby, there is a beautiful hat waiting for you!  Life is full of beautiful people, come out so you can meet them all!


Some other stuff that I’ve been finding around the web lately:

i hope we have this much fun with baby.

transforming models is too addictive.

google street art view is a collaborative project to find street art around the world. very handy!

i’m searching for the perfect wall decal right now. i think we’re gonna get these owls for baby, but i love these birds on a wire too.

this video is much too cool. kinda nauseating, but it excites me for travelling again.