May 30

On working from home

This is a late “Papa’s Sunday” post.. I’ve been swamped with work lately and couldn’t fit in any time yesterday to write. As a matter of fact I was supposed to work on the weekend but I find it extremely difficult to work while at home – there’s just too many distractions.

The biggest one being Mika: she’s either awake and happy so I can’t help but play with her and try to get her to not blank me.. (She’s getting better she kept full eye contact whilst I fed her last night) or she’s asleep and making the loudest/strangest noises!

I came to realize that working from home is harder than I thought. I remember that when Pamela was pregnant I was really keen to work from home and be there with her. But while it may sound good in theory, it’s way harder than I thought.

Though I don’t have to work from home at the moment, when Pamela and I finally move to Argentina next year I will be, so I want to start experimenting to become more productive while working from home with a child (and a girlfriend).

Here’s some of the things that come to mind and that I will start practicing as soon as I can/find the need to work from home.

Gotta define my work space.

I think that’s a big one. This weekend I actually ended up moving Mika out of the room I was using as an office because I couldn’t work at all. Even when she was sleeping she was making all sorts of cute/annoying/kinda funny noises that made me lose concentration.

Close the door.

I read this on a blog once, apparently it has a subliminal effect on you. If you live the door open it’s too easy to decide you don’t HAVE to work and to your family it means that whatever they need Papa’s there just hanging out so why not go ask him?

Shower and have breakfast.

I think that working from home should have no effect on a morning routine, waking up at the same time, showering and having breakfast must continue!

Get a good chair

I made the mistake to use one of our wooden dining table chairs because the office chair was too creaky… Big mistake – my lower back was killing me after merely an hour. Did you know they class chairs by how long you can sit in them for without having to get up? A 12 hour chair would be better than say, a 1 hour chair. I’m gonna find me a 24 hour chair…

Schedule, schedule, schedule.

Given that I want to start and finish a whole 5 minute 3D film in six months, I have been reading on how to organize this film to actually happen. But no matter what you’re tackling if it’s on the list it’s easier to do than having to figure out what’s coming next every time you finish something.

Well, that’s it for now.

Good night!

May 29

Mixed Tape Monday #3 – Anthea

Good Monday to you! Our weekend was delightful. We made glorious apple-oat pancakes with some beautiful friends, we watched Jurassic Park 1 & 2, we visited the Grey Lynn Kraftbomb and I attempted (attempted) to make Macarons for the first time. Ivan kindly reminded me that it was my first time making them, which made me feel a bit better. 3 of them turned out quite well. The other 30… I call them ‘meringue sandwiches’ and Ivan’s workplace will be receiving them tomorrow morning. Ah well.

So this week Anthea joins us for Mixed Tape Monday. I remember on a road-trip to Hamilton (it was for a conference OK?) I discovered that Anthea had very good taste in music. By that, I mean that I liked the music that she liked. So this is exciting. Anthea’s Mixed Tape! (Click here to start playing)

1. Matt & Kim – Daylight
This song NEVER ever fails to make me happy. It sounds like elation, noisy, joyous.

2. Rhian Sheehan – Part Three (from Standing in Silence)
Rhian Sheehan’s music is beautiful, and this track uses gorgeous music box melodies – so soothing!

3. The Middle East – Blood
simply gutwrenching.

4. Alexi Murdoch – All my Days
I fell further in love with this song all over again after watching “Away We Go”, a tale about a 30ish couple who fall pregnant and search for their home before the birth of their child – you should watch it!

5. Beck – Girl
this song reminds me of a school assembly in high school, and the guy who played it as backing track for an event video. It started my whole discovery of Beck

6. The Shins – New Slang
I regret not seeing The Shins when they came to NZ three or four years ago

7. The White Stripes – Hotel Yorba
A song that’s super fast paced and delightfully fun to sing along to with friends (or your sister) who also know all the words

8. Elton John – Tiny Dancer
a song which reminds me of a very good friend, and which features in one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite films – Almost Famous

9. Modest Mouse – The World at Large
opening track to a grand album which I’ve listened to over the past six years

10. Beach House – Used to Be
Great tune, by a lovely duo who’s album I can always enjoy

11. Ratatat – Germany to Germany
These guys produce some of my very favorite sounds. I once blogged that Ratatat have the Midas touch [when it comes to music]

12. Smashing Pumpkins – Landslide
For me, a standout Smashing Pumpkins track. A band I was obsessed with for many years and will always have a soft spot for

13. We Used to be Friends – The Dandy Warhols
Great energy, great memories

14. Dire Straits – Walk of Life
For my Dad

15. Tracy Chapman – Telling Stories
For my Mum

16. Sufjan Stevens – To Be Alone With You
For me


Let’s start the week off by getting some good voting in! Click here if you’d like to vote for us on Top Baby Blogs today :)

May 27

Friday food.

My Mum & Dad left for Canada last Saturday and even though I’ve been living out (and in) of home since I was 17, I know that my mum thinks the world falls apart when she’s not in my presence.

So right now I’m pretty sure she pictures a home with dirty diapers piled high to the ceiling, clothes covering the floor, dirty dishes stacked in the sink, grubby toilets and filthy floors, an overflowing rubbish bin, pizza boxes and other take-away containers left under couches, mail accumulating in the mailbox and probably me, sobbing uncontrollably in the corner, hair filled with lice, no make-up, crying out ‘where’s my MUM?’ through tears and snot. Ivan undoubtedly unable to deal with it all probably left on a boat back to Mexico.

My Mum is reading this right now and nodding with a bit of disappointment, ‘I knew it’ she is thinking, ‘they need me!

Well, whilst most of the above could be true – I know at least 2 things that aren’t. 1) Ivan is still here and 2) there are no pizza boxes or take away containers on the floor because I’ve cooked every night this week!

S: Low-fat Chicken Satay Stir-fry (+ homemade apple crisp for dessert)

S: Gourmet Vegetable Lasagne

M: Chunky homemade chicken soup + garlic bread (Ivan was sick so I went all out)

T: Omelettes + salad

W: Red lentil & carrot Dhal

T: Homemade beef hamburgers + homemade oven fries

F: Butter chicken (from a jar) + Naan bread

I love having those easy ‘go-to’ recipes that just never fail to please and I love finding new ones. If you have an awesome dinner recipe on hand that you love to make a lot, then please email it to me! pamela.minett {at} gmail {dot} com.

I promise I’ll try it if you send it to me! :)

Have a wonderful weekend. I wanted desperately to head out tonight to a friend’s leaving party, but it’s been such a hard week with Ivan being sick and our little girl ‘trying’ to get into a good sleep routine, all I wanna do is curl up on the couch and watch the final of american idol (yeah, i said it. what? you’re not watching it?)

May 26

Thursday is fun

Today’s a bit all over the show. Thursday is fun like that.


Yesterday Mika got weighed at her 9 week check up and she has gained 200grams a week since her last weigh in! Miss piggy. She is officially 4.85 kilos. (Not looking too happy about it here)

She’s so cute when she cries eh. Oh and last night she slept for 8 hours. It would have been wonderful if my silly boobs didn’t wake me up at 5am, aching and full with milk. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and hovered over Mika’s cot begging for her to wake up. Can’t win!


I’m curious as to what kind of people read our blog. I can tell a lot about a person by what they chose to eat for breakfast… so please do me a favour and tell me what you usually have for breakfast…


Do you love New York? Or do you feel relatively neutral about New York? This hilarious book explains why New York is cool, but not so cool that we should heart it as much as we do.

From the book (cause it’s so funny I just had to share it with you)

Have you ever stood atop the Empire State Building—the absolute highest point on Earth—gazing across all of Manhattan in the fading sunlight, pondering what brought you here and where you’re going, realizing that this is probably the closest you’ll ever be to heaven? Have you ever done that? Neither have we.

But we do have to admit that it’s really neat that this is the tallest building in the world. Really. The tallest in the world? That’s a big deal. You put your mind on something and you  nailed it, New York. Absolutely nailed it. And ain’t nobody taking that away from you. Congratulations on this. So let’s just move on to the next . . .

What’s that?

It’s not the what? Not the tallest anything? So, wait . . . when was it beaten . . . in 1954? By the Griffin Television Tower, in Oklahoma? So, you’re saying that New York has had a relatively tall building for the last fifty years? Huh.

This. Is. Awkward.

Okay. Tell you what: The Empire State Building definitely seems to be taller than everything in its general vicinity. So as long as nobody’s putting up any supertall Starbucks or giant Walgreens on 5th Avenue anytime soon, your secret’s safe with us, E. S. Building.

PROS: Very tall. Crazy tall. Almost too tall.
CONS: Not tall enough.
CONCLUSION: (Uncomfortable smile)


This is hot. Men should carry their babies, always. I found it on Carrie’s Pinterest.


If you love simple but beautiful weddings (and bicycles!) then you must check this out.


Also, I love the idea of living on a houseboat one day.


Tomorrow I’m gonna share what I’ve been cooking all week since my Dad (our usual chef) is in Canada (with my Mum) visiting family. It’s been kinda cool having to think of what to cook each night like we used to before we moved back home. I love planning the week’s meals, doing the grocery shop, cooking each night… it’s so therapeutic and makes me feel good about our money and our health!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday :)

(and a couple more cause she’s extra cute this week)

May 24

Tighten Up Tuesday: INSANITY.

I never ever thought that I would get excited about exercise DVDs.

Exercising? In my living room? But the living room is for being lazy and putting up my feet and cuddling on the couch! Not getting hot and sweaty and burning calories with Shaun T and his team of protein-shake sippin’ buddies.

I was wrong.

Exercising in my living room is awesome. Insanely awesome.

Now I understand how this industry got so huge. All of a sudden, my life isn’t about just my plans anymore. I can’t pop out to the gym when I feel like it. I can’t head out for a run whenever I like. Today I was meant to meet my coffee group for a walk in the park but Mika was having a bit of an unsettled day and so when she finally got to sleep, the last thing I wanted to do was wake her and put her in her car seat. Enter: Exercise DVD.

I didn’t really believe I could get hot and sweaty in front of my TV. But that’s because I’d never tried ‘Insanity‘. As the name so blatantly states: this DVD is insane.

Ivan and I got the whole 60 day challenge and we might just decide to do it. We took our ‘before’ photos (eek!) and we wrote down our weight and measurements before getting hot and freaky to Shaun T’s ‘Fitness Test’.

The idea is that you do this fitness test, followed by 2 weeks of insane DVD workouts. Then repeat fitness test. Then repeat 2 weeks. In total, it’s 60 days of insanity.


Benefits of exercising in my living room include:

  • Any time of day, at the moment I feel like it, or as soon as Mika’s asleep… it’s all go!
  • Anything goes in the clothing department. There are NO RULES in my living room 😛
  • I can make weird noises, huff and puff, sing and yell profanities at Shaun T.
  • A 45 minute workout is really a 45 minute workout. No driving time. It’s great.

I’ve heard great things about Insanity and so I’ll keep you posted every once in a while to see if we’re still on track. My legs are shaking from the fitness test today and I’ve already wolfed down a bowl of post-work-out-cereal (my own concoction). I’m so excited.

Oh and in 60 days we promise to share the before and after pics with y’all. (A bit of self-imposed pressure never hurts eh). And our stats!

(We’re suckers for their marketing…)