Aug 30

Inspiring Photographers – Brooke Schwab

Brooke Schwab is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Houston, Texas. She is also a part owner of SmileBooth, a company that’s created a moden take on the classic photo booth and she keeps a beautiful blog. And here are her replies to my questions… (oh and isn’t her last name fun to say?)

I take photographs because: It allows me to give people a peek at who I am. I grew up with a learning disorder and it killed me that I was limited in the so called school system. I quickly learned that I was able to tell visual stories beyond my peers at a young age and that lead me to photography. In college I studied advertising and realized then that I loved photography because of the statements that they made.

My favorite camera to use: my iphone. seriously, i think i am a better photographer with my iphone because i am capturing real life moments that mean the world to me and i see things in a raw way with that camera. My goal is to capture an entire wedding with my iphone one day. Intimate photos are more powerful than a set up photo to me. Beyond that I professionally shoot with a 5D mark II and I love that camera.

Favorite Lenses: I love my 35mm L series and my 24- 70 mm L series. Those two are my go to Lenses.

A photographer who inspires me is: its hard to name all the photographers that inspire me. If I had to name one I would say that I love is marco suarez. His etsy shop is here and I am inspired by his photography and graphic eye.

My usual breakfast is cereal. Most likely it is something my daughter picked out at the store…I love the sweet stuff. Lucky Charms is my favorite. :)

Song that I am listening to at the moment is: Brooke Fraser, “Something in the Water”. It makes me happy.

Tips for aspiring photographer: Life’s not about taking the most amazing picture for someone’s approval. Go and shoot for yourself and that will be the most rewarding thing you can do for your passion.

Aug 30

30 Day Detox

Breastfeeding is nuts.

Apparently the amount of calories you burn whilst breastfeeding is equivalent to going for a 5km run each day! So needless to say I am hungry all.the.freaking.time.

However, the month of September is approaching at full speed and September has exactly 30 days in it – making it the perfect month to try out something new:

My ‘something new’ for this month is going to be my very own breastfeeding-friendly detox. I can’t do a traditional liquid detox because Mika needs my milk and to produce milk I need to keep eating. So instead I have invented my own rather unscientific but common sense breastfeeding friendly detox diet. I’m focusing mainly on cutting out coffee (eeeek), limiting sweet fruits, decreasing highly acidic foods (meat, eggs), and removing yeast, wheat, gluten, oats & barley. If you’re interested (or interested in joining in) here’s the ‘no go’ list:

  • coffee
  • milk/cheese/butter/icecream
  • white/brown sugar
  • potatoes
  • super sweet fruits (bananas, dates, mangos)
  • wheat
  • gluten
  • yeast
  • oats, barley
  • mayonaise, tomato sauce
  • chocolate

Once a week only:

  • meat
  • eggs

Usually the awful thing about any kind of short-term diet is that you end up focusing more on what you can’t eat more than what you can. So after outlining all the things I’m just not going to be touching for the next month – here are the things I am going to try and eat more of:

  • Sprouts
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Garlic
  • Green beans
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Beetroots
  • Avocado
  • Lemon
  • Tomatoes
  • Buckwheat
  • Lentils
  • Spelt
  • Tofu
  • White beans
  • Almonds
  • Brazil nuts

Week 1 Menu:

Breakfast ideas:

Snack ideas:

  • Raw almonds + brazil nuts
  • Vege sticks + homemade hummus
  • Plain yoghurt + fruit & chia seeds
  • Cucumber + sprouts with lemon
  • Half an avocado


  1. Lentil Salad with roasted pumpkin
  2. Carrot & Ginger Soup + Raw Broccoli & Mushroom Salad
  3. Creamy Cannellini Bean Sauce over Spelt Fettucini
  4. Spanish Bean Salad + Black Quinoa & Kale Salad
  5. Black Bean & Sweet Potato Soup + Green Sushi Salad
  6. Udon Soup with Spelt Noodles & Bok Choy + Millet Tabbouleh
  7. Green Sushi Salad + Stuffed Tomatoes

I’ll be starting on Thursday September 1st. Tomorrow I’m finishing my shopping so the fridge is stocked full with great foods (to distract me from the lack of coffee in my life mainly…)

If you don’t want to join me in my detox, perhaps think of something else you could do for the next 30 days? You have another day to decide and prepare…

Aug 29

Inspiring Photographers – Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine lives in Melbourne.

She is the author of this photography book, she has a casual 5,000 or so Facebook fans and she is the inventor of the Two Roll Rule Project that I am completely in love with.

She’s a mama to 3 beautiful kids who feature regularly on her blog.

And even though she is extremely busy with a Digital Photography School collaboration and her workshops, she was so kindly able to spare a few moments to complete some sentences for us.

Ladies and gentlemen, Rachel Devine:

I like taking photos of: mostly children, because they never complain about how they look. Kids just accept their beauty and see nothing to criticize. I wish grown ups could do that as easily.

I take photographs because: for many reasons :: sometimes because I love the way the light hits things, and mostly to hold onto snippets of time

My favourite camera to use is: My Nikon D3. It has been my trusty sidekick for 4 years now.

My favourite lenses are: the Nikon 50mm f/1.4G at the moment, but it changes daily. I am not sure what I want to shoot with next.

A photographer who inspires me is: I can’t pick just one. Keith Carter, Sally Mann, Mary Ellen Mark, Loretta Lux, Julie Blackmon, seriously, the list goes on and on…There are so many kid portrait photographers that I love who are doing great daily life stuff as well. I just like pictures…if they are good, I just add that photographer to my growing list.

My usual breakfast is: coffee, reheated many times.

A song I’m listening to at the moment is: Every song on Workers Playtime by Billy Bragg. I just rediscovered the CD.

My tip for aspiring photographers: Don’t go into business right away, take time to learn your craft and shoot for yourself first. Put thought into your work, read photography theory texts, research the history of techniques…gather as much knowledge as you can and experiment with putting it into your practice so you can develop your own style. Always shoot for the love of photography, not just for money and that will shine through in your images.

You can also find Rachel on Twitter & Flickr!

Aug 28

Inspiring Photographers

I’m extremely excited to share a wee feature I’ve been working on.

A few weeks ago I reached out to my favourite photographers. People who I have admired for ages but never really thought to get in touch with. I wanted to know why they take photos, what they prefer to take photos of, what kind of equipment they use and pick their brains for a bit of general advice.

And rather than keep this exciting knowledge to myself, I figured it might get exponentially more exciting if I shared this knowledge with the world.

So starting tomorrow, I’m excited to share some insights from my favourite photographers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 weeks.


Aug 28

A weekend in (a lot of) photos