Sep 30

Inspiring Photographers – Kate MacPherson

The light! The composition! Could I stop choosing my favourite photos already? Holy moly, I love the way Kate sees things. Kate MacPherson is a wedding and commercial photographer based in Wellington, NZ. There’s a saying that I found on her site recently by Elliot Erwitt: “All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice”. Isn’t that true? ‘Notice’ is what Kate does beautifully and it shows in every single one of her images. She’s the kind of photographer you want at your wedding because you just know that she’ll notice things you never did. Imagine reliving your special day as captured through the eyes of Kate! Yikes, excite!

Do I need to mention she was runner up for the NZIPP Wedding Album of the Year 2011?

Find her on Facebook (she’s almost at 1000 likes!) and enjoy her thoughtful answers:

I like taking photos of: Anything backlit in the sun (current obsession). And people.

I take photographs because: It allows me to communicate in a way I can’t do with words. Plus I love that feeling when time stands still and you get really focussed on what you are photographing.

It also allows me to dabble a little in the presentation and design of the photos, which I really love.

My favourite camera to use is: Canon MKII but only because that is the camera I shoot with. I borrowed a friends FujiX100 recently and really would love that for travelling. But I am not really into photography gear, only as much as I need to be. I’m far more interested in what is in front of my lens, not what specs it is.

My favourite lenses are: Canon 50mm f1.2

A photographer who inspires me is: Henri Cartier Bresson. And Elliott Erwitt. For their composition and eye for the moment.

My usual breakfast is: It’s usually always different. I am no creature of habit and routine makes me shiver so I can have leftovers if there are any left from the night before. Or a fruit smoothie. Or toast, Or crackers. Occasionally nothing. But always coffee. Black, no sugar.

A song I’m listening to at the moment is: ‘Love Comes to me’ Bonnie Prince Billy

And Leonard Cohen I never tire of….his words are beautiful.

My tip for aspiring photographers: Work H.A.R.D. And look at tons of photos and find what it is about the ones that speak to you that you like. And then you’ll know what drives you in your own photography and I think it means you start to develop your own style…by experimenting. A ton. Don’t copy but be inspired. Not just by photographers in your own field but by photographers in general. Or design. Or whatever it is that speaks to your inner self. I am constantly changing my idea about what I like about my pictures and adapting. Mostly no one wouldn’t notice but then over time a style gets refined I think.

Sep 27

1 year!

Today is exactly one year since our first post on this wee blog!

Here is a picture that I found taken about a year ago (on September 28th 2010) at our favourite cafe in Vancouver, Finches.

Just the two of us. How strange! So much has happened since then!

So anyway, thanks for coming along for the ride :) x

Sep 26

Food for baby, food for us

I just finished making a weeks worth of baby food for Mika. So far she’s tasted red kumara, pears and golden kumara. This week she’s eating apples and prunes.

My mum keeps trying to tell me that it’s OK if I buy baby food from the store. I know this. But baby food from the store is $4 a jar. I spent $1.80 on 2 organic apples, $5 on a bag of organic prunes and I have enough baby food to last about 2 weeks or more. It is also so damn easy to make that I don’t know if I could conjure up a legitimate excuse not to.

I basically core a couple organic apples and stuff them with prunes. Cover with tinfoil and place in the oven (170C) for about 40 minutes. When they’re done, cut up the apples and place with prunes and 1/3 cup of water into a blender. Voila!

I mentioned a quinoa & walnut loaf last week on Facebook. Here is the recipe. And here is my menu for the week, along with my fitness plans. I start most days with a homemade spinach drink and sometimes a glass of water with lemon. The spinach drink makes it so easy to get those leafy greens in each day, you should totally try it.

Monday 40 minute jog: B: Quinoa flake porridge L: Vegan Chilli D: Big ass salad + leftover chilli
Tuesday Yoga: B: Oats L: Scrambled tofu D: Lentil soup
Wednesday 30 minute jog: B: Buckwheat porridge L: Lentil soup + salad D: Green felafel
Thursday Yoga, Bike ride: B: Quinoa/Millet L: Green felafel D: Vege stirfry
Friday 1 hour power walk: B: Buckwheat cereal L: Carrot soup + salad D: White fish & homemade kumara fries

Sep 25

Half a year!

So Mika is .5 of a year.

She is trying so hard to crawl – she can push herself right up on her hands and then she can push her face into the floor whilst sticking her bum up to the ceiling. She can even pull her knees in as though she’s about to take off! But no crawling yet.

Sleeping is so-so and I’m really not that fussed. Sure it would be wonderful to have at least 6 hours of solid sleep each night (and I would welcome this change), but for now I am not sure what else we can be doing to help her sleep through the night. A part of me feels that if she was in a different room then things would be easier. I wake up to the smallest sounds she makes, but sometimes she can make those sounds for a good hour or so before it either escalates or she falls back into a deep sleep… but I don’t want to lie there for that hour listening to her! So I either feed her or I head upstairs and try to get some rest on the couch. Not ideal. But we’re only here for another 2 months (!!) so I’m not eager to try new things just yet.

A typical night is 7pm bed. 11pm feed. 4am feed. 7am feed.  If I drop the 11pm feed, she’s up at 1 or 2am. So this is how it is and I am OK with it.

This little girl is such a pleasure to be around. Her eczema is bad, but she is so unaware of it and her smiles are so big they seem to take over her entire body. We have tried everything to help her eczema – we are now on a strict diet including probiotics, fish oils, vitamin C and zinc, as well as 2 cups of spinach each day and lots of greens to keep up my folate. We are meant to be a completely dairy-and-wheat-free family to help with Ivan’s allergies too, but sometimes cheese and yoghurt slip into our fridge. Our last hope is that leaving Auckland will help. Or she’ll grow out of it. Eczema sucks.

Life is so beautiful. Summer is edging its way into our lives as we slowly start to put our jeans away in favour of shorts and summer dresses. Early morning runs, afternoon strolls and late night Bikram Yoga keep me feeling thankful for my body. A beautiful sweet baby and a gorgeous generous man keep me feeling thankful for my life. Meetings over Skype, new camera talk, photography sessions and an inspiring business partner keep me feeling excited for the future.

This is our life right now. Happy 6 months baby girl x

Sep 19

Inspiring Photographers – Sarah Rhoads

Meet Sarah of SarahRhodes Photography. She’s the wife of a gorgeous husband and wife lifestyle photography team based in Seattle (jealous!). Their images speak for themselves – these guys are for real incredible and I was super stoked that Sarah took the time to answer my questions.

I love their casual tumblr blog but they also keep a more formal style photography blog with recent shoots. Join their fans, check out their portfolio and read what Sarah has to share. These guys reek of superstar cool and their life looks silly beautiful.

I like taking photos of: people. stories. life. freedom. spirit. spontaneity. raw moments. real life.

I take photographs because: there is nothing in the world I would rather do. I feel like when I am shooting I am in my truest element, like there is something innate in me that craves creation in a visual medium. I love life and people & I have a passion to capture!

My favourite camera to use is: I have a gamut of different cameras and I like them all for different reasons, each serve a different purpose. The camera that never leaves my side is my Leica M6…

My favourite lenses are: I love the 35mm lens. On my 5dMKII the 35mm 1.2 lives on that body 90% of the time. To me it is just the perfect lens for how I see things.

A photographer who inspires me is: There are so many incredibly talented photographers out there… right now I have been especially inspired by the beautiful black and white documentary work of Eugene Richards. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the production value that Tim Walker brings to his projects, and of course there is the always inspiring work of Annie Leibovitz, Sally Mann and the list could go on and on…

My usual breakfast is: Yogert & Fruit, Coffee & Cream :)

A song I’m listening to at the moment is: Anything by Ellie Goulding is my jam right now!

My tip for aspiring photographers: Work hard. Be willing to put in sweat equity for your dreams. Explore, and do everything you can to find your unique voice in this world, start by asking yourself “what is it I want to say to the world?”. Never be scared to be you. Find that thing that makes you come alive and fight for it.