Inspiring Photographers – Kate MacPherson

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The light! The composition! Could I stop choosing my favourite photos already? Holy moly, I love the way Kate sees things. Kate MacPherson is a wedding and commercial photographer based in Wellington, NZ. There’s a saying that I found on her site recently by Elliot Erwitt: “All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice”. Isn’t …

1 year!

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Today is exactly one year since our first post on this wee blog! Here is a picture that I found taken about a year ago (on September 28th 2010) at our favourite cafe in Vancouver, Finches. Just the two of us. How strange! So much has happened since then! So anyway, thanks for coming along for the ride x

Food for baby, food for us

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I just finished making a weeks worth of baby food for Mika. So far she’s tasted red kumara, pears and golden kumara. This week she’s eating apples and prunes. My mum keeps trying to tell me that it’s OK if I buy baby food from the store. I know this. But baby food from the store is $4 a jar. …

Half a year!

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So Mika is .5 of a year. She is trying so hard to crawl – she can push herself right up on her hands and then she can push her face into the floor whilst sticking her bum up to the ceiling. She can even pull her knees in as though she’s about to take off! But no crawling yet. …

Walnut & Quinoa loaf

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I had actually never tasted a loaf before. Meatloaf doesn’t sound appealing, so I was nervous to try this ‘meatloaf-esque’ recipe. It’s hearty, I’ll give it that. I suppose the fact that each of the ingredients in themselves are so delicious, it’s hard to really go wrong. Just make sure to cut up the walnuts quite little (I didn’t, and …