8 Months (+ 1 week)

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So I just totally forgot to write a post for Mika’s 8 month milestone. We are in Mexico and it is hot and Mika’s cousins are cute and the tacos are yum but for now I will write just about Mika and save the rest for another post.

Loves: Silverbeet (?), cucumber, Grandparents, making kissing sounds (this started yesterday), standing with assistance, army crawling, playing with anything that we haven’t spent money on, playing peekaboo, saying ‘mamama’ and ‘dadadada’.

Doesn’t really love: avocado and banana.

I keep wondering if I’m gonna get over it at some point. Like as if at any moment I might just stop marveling at how gorgeous she is or how incredible it is that Ivan and I created her. But 8 months have gone by and it still blows my mind. She’s started copying me when I blow her a kiss she smacks her lips together and makes kisses back to me with a little smile and I wonder if anything in life will ever be so satisfying as this.

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Hello LA.

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Greetings from my king-sized 316 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. We’re in LA and the weather is glorious, but despite a perfectly well-behaved baby who slept through most of the 17 hour journey (and no phenergan was used!) I found it peculiarly difficult to get much rest. So now Mika and Ivan are off shopping for some technology while I get some urgent rest. Clearly not urgent enough…I can spare a few minutes to write.

Air Tahiti Nui is totally underrated and proved me wrong that not flying Air NZ would result in a painfully unenjoyable journey. In quick summary:

  • No extra charge for an extra 23 kg bag
  • No waiting in lines… because of baby we were moved to the front of all lines
  • Exceptionally cheerful and beautifully French staff
  • All you can eat delicious food. Not really, but it felt like we were eating non-stop for the last 17 hours
  • Extra leg room in the ‘baby’ friendly seats (oh yes)
  • Bassinet for our sleeping baby
  • Free toys and little ‘baby bag’ with all the essentials plus a 1.5 litre water bottle for mums
  • Crazy cool Tahiti Nui blue socks

And just like that, we are no longer in New Zealand. Obviously it will take a while to sink in – the humid LA weather makes it feel like we’re just on a holiday. Mika is constantly excited and loves all the attention she gets at every new gate, line, hotel, plane, cafe etc. And when we arrive in Mexico tomorrow she will no doubt be showered with love from the Mexican family. I can’t wait.

Doesn’t make leaving any easier though. I feel so lucky that we could spend the last year in New Zealand with family and best friends. Goodbye is strange eh, it’s not really that permanent anymore. The internet makes distance feel less significant somehow, and I think I quite like that right now.

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6 days left and a mixed tape.

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And just like that, we only have 6 days left in New Zealand.

It’s now that I suddenly realise how busy we are and when I start stressing out about whether I’m really savouring these final days as much as I should be. Every early morning, lunch hour and evening has been planned for between now and Sunday at 3pm.

I’m excited for Mexico. There is talk of us having our own little home for a few months, with a yard for me to grow plants! And a room for Mika! So yes, I am excited – but for now I want to try my best to savour New Zealand. I want to walk the streets, drink the coffee, sit with friends. Everything just seems to happen so much faster since Mika was born. Cliche perhaps, but it’s true.

Thankfully we had a gorgeous couple take a few pictures of our family on the day Ivan proposed to me. It’s the best way to freeze these moments for a lifetime. Here’s just a few of my favourites:

Tess has been here for the last 4 days and just before she left we kinda threw together some songs of the moment for each of us. Here’s the result:

I couldn’t find all the songs on Grooveshark, so you can just download the mix here. Enjoy!

rox in the box – the decemberists
a candle’s fire – beirut
when i go – slow club
shake it out – florence and the machine
my lord my love – antony and the johnsons
buona sera – louis prima
chains – slimpickins
katie my darling – the unfaithful ways
heroes and villains Рthe  beach boys
boggis, bunce and bean – alexandre desplat

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Wellington love

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So we return from Wellington a few kilos heavier (who can blame us?!), slightly more tanned, slightly more sleepy and ridiculously in-love because we are now officially engaged!

Ivan proposed to me in a little cottage by the ocean with the most beautiful coast line. Wild, beautiful, ferocious and free, just like our little family.

Why does marriage sound more grownup to me than having a baby? Maybe because we have our baby and it just feels so natural, I dunno. I know that being married will feel natural also, but now that we are officially engaged I just want to start planning our beautiful party with all our family and friends. I am so excited to have all the people I love in one city to celebrate our love for each other and our life together.

We had some family photos taken yesterday that I am excited to share with you, but in the meantime here’s an overwhelming number of photos from our trip to Wellington. It was the most wonderful trip: from the 12 hour train ride with our dream baby, our downtown apartment with the most amazing bath, long walks, silly photo shoots, best friends, ginormous brunches and delicious dinners, free bottles of wine, dancing til early morning and sweating in a hot yoga room to quiet peaceful cottages, BBQs, coastal walks, mountain hiking, beautiful photo shoots, games of hearts and cribbage and perfect quiet moments with my best friend and husband to be. We’ll never forget this trip.

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Sunny sunny Wellington

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Greetings from SUNNY Wellington! That’s right, I said SUNNY. Not windy. As in, we-brought-auckland’s-weather-to-wellington and it is AMAZING sunny. Just delightful. You can see by Mika’s scrunchy face that it is bright outside. Just how we like it.

It was cool to see all the entries for the eBook giveaway! selected comment number 12 as the winner – so Renee, you can expect an email with the eBook soon!! Good luck with cutting down on the sugar, I’d love to hear how you go. Enjoy the book :)

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