Dec 29


Mika and I deciding to make the most of the super hot and glorious midday sun with an outdoor bath

Some stuff I’ve seen lately and been meaning to share:

This video about a man living in a Food Desert in Cincinnatti.

This NYT photo journalism piece on eating together.

A free OWL CALENDAR?! Oh my. Yes please.

My most recent favourite blog to read.

Mermaid or Whale?

Cat Power’s new song. Donate for an instant download.

A wee girl’s thoughts on marketing. Gorgeous and awesome.

Wanna do 100 pushups? Ivan and I think we might will never do this. But it’s fun to consider.

Since deciding to start my daily yoga practice here in Mexico (more on that soon!) I’ve become addicted to online yoga videos. This time lapse is….awesome.

Dec 29

Movies for the storms.

So whilst we are enjoying some delightful weather here in Obregon, Mexico, I hear from my friends in NZ that the weather isn’t so wonderful. Google confirms this for me by showing me little pictures of thunder & lightening storms scheduled for Auckland.

What better thing to do (after baking, playing board games, dancing in your living room, finishing an amazing book and swimming in the rain) than watch a movie? I’m always stuck for movie inspiration at the very last minute and I usually end up scouring websites and watching millions of trailers before deciding on something good to watch. So I thought it would be nice of me to share with you some of the good movies that I’ve watched a few times as a result of my searches over the years. Here’s 5 great ones off the top of my head:

1. City Island

The Rizzos are the ultimate in dysfunctional families.  It’s an honest and hilarious tale of a family’s web of lies catching up with them. Watch it because it will make your own family not seem so bad.

2. Keeping Mum

Another funny movie about a family, but this one is sorta dark and funny at the same time. Watch it because it has Rowan Atkinson playing a Dad and a Pastor and he’s hilarious.

3. I Love You Philip Morris

Jim Carrey doesn’t usually make me laugh. So don’t avoid this film just because you don’t really like him. Ivan and I watched this movie twice and loved it both times. It’s hilarious, upbeat and sad at the same time. They also say it’s a true story…

4. Persepolis

I saw this movie whilst travelling in Montreal after purchasing the tickets with my Mum’s credit card because I had run out of money. It’s a long story. But this movie is beautiful. Dark and funny. I see a theme in my movie choices here…

5. Win Win

This was a pleasant surprise movie that I didn’t think would be that good. I watched it on my own, but found it so enjoyable that I had to rewatch it so I could show Ivan too. Paul Giamatti is great, obviously, but so is the hilarious best friend played by Bobby Cannavale. It’s good.

I hope that might give you some inspiration when it comes time for snuggling on the couch with a good film while it pours down outside. If you’ve seen any GOOD films lately, please let me know!

Dec 27

9 Months (+1 week)

We’ve been in Mexico for a month?! How?

My darling Mika,

It feels like years have passed since you were so tiny and asleep in the little bassinet on the airplane to Mexico. You’ve grown so much in the month that we’ve been here.

You have your first tooth! It’s visible now, and really really sharp. We can see the start of another tooth trying to get through too.

You are desperate to start walking. We place the kitchen stools in your play area and you can pull yourself up to standing! You like testing your balance with one hand once you get there, but you haven’t quite mastered walking yet. You can kind of move yourself around, but you’re still quite wobbly. It’s OK my little one, you are getting stronger each day!

You’ve started eating eggs! We feed you egg soldiers (well, you feed yourself) and your papa and I love it. You’ve also tried beans and tofu which you love too, but your favourite meal is still broccoli by far. As long as there’s broccoli, you’ll eat anything.

You have your own bedroom, but at about 2am each morning we bring you to our bed until the morning. It’s the most wonderful thing ever to wake up to your little smile and your chatter (oh you talk constantly). Although sometimes after a late night your papa and I wish you had a snooze button just for a couple more hours. When you’re awake, you make sure we know it – you gently tap my face with your hand and kick your papa in the head until we’re wide awake. Papa is keeping a little notebook of all the times you keep him from sleeping and he’s going to make sure you remember it when you’re about 18. I’m just kidding. Sorta.

You bring delight to everyone who is around you. You have a beautiful family here in Mexico who you are getting to know and who love you dearly.  You continue to be the brightest light in our lives, we love you.

Your mama and papa


Dec 23

Get off yo’ ass and run.

(image found here)

I have started running again.

And since I’ve managed to keep to my plan for 3 weeks now, I feel ready to talk about it.

Of course it’s nowhere near as easy as it used to be. But I have a new level of respect for my body: I’ve grown a child for 9 months, given birth and now I’m still breastfeeding – so there are aches and pains and lower thresholds of pain than I’m used to. But i can do this. It may be embarrassing to arrive home feeling ruined after only 20 minutes of running when I used to do a 20 minutes run as a warm up to a daily 10km run, but hey – I have to start somewhere right? And as the wise old Bikram says, It is never too late, you are never too sick and you are never too old to start from scratch once again.

The big secret to successful running is consistency. I’m totally serious. Even if you start running for 10 minutes at a time, you’ll only improve if you do this every day (or perhaps with a day or two off each week). Small bites, frequently, is the key to catching the running bug. And when you catch it, it’s awesome. I’ve been witness to people catching this bug from never running, to feeling strange if they don’t run every day.

I’m on week 3 and I can feel the bug coming on. Yesterday I felt pretty urgh and unmotivated, but I got dressed and put my running shoes on (a wee trick to getting yourself out the door: put your running shoes on) and headed out for a 20 minute run. It was seriously the best run I’ve done so far. I felt light and nimble and quick and took 2 minutes off the short route I usually take.

So if you’re keen to catch the bug (do it before NY day), here’s my programme that I’m following. It’s for me, I made it to help me get into shape for training for a half marathon. I finish it with a 10km run, which I plan to run in under 45 minutes. In 2010 I ran the Vancouver Sun Run in 46:43 and I was in no way well prepared for that event. So bring it on.

Download my programme here.

Some tips to come. Maybe.

Dec 19


So we just returned from 2 days in the most beautiful Mexican city I’ve ever seen. Perhaps I’ve only seen a handful of Mexican cities, most of which are probably better described as towns, and so this isn’t a good indication of the beauty I discovered. Perhaps a good way to describe this city is ‘like a little bit of Europe, perhaps Italy or maybe Spain, but in Mexico.’ But then I’ve never actually been to Italy or Spain so I’m not a good source to confirm the similarities, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Alamos is a teeny tiny little town compared to Obregon. The streets are cobbled and the buildings are colonial. Everywhere you turn you see archways, tiles, trees and flowers. The city is notably quite clean. It’s pleasant and quiet like you wouldn’t believe. After chatting to some Vancouver expats in our ‘favourite’ cafe, we learned that it is a town that takes holidays, celebrations and parties quite seriously and also that it is home to many writers and artists. The locals were incredibly friendly in a ‘oh, you should stay here, my friend owns this place’ and ‘oh you should eat there, my friend works there, it’s better than that other place’ and a ‘oh let me take you to see that place, my friend owns it’ sort of way. Complete strangers (well, hotel and cafe owners) would ask to hold Mika and I loved it.

If you’re ever in Alamos, visit Teresitas Bistro. You will not be disappointed.

The super exciting news is that we looked at a couple possible wedding venues! These places blew my mind, quite seriously. Little cabins with massive beds for quests, swimming pools, yoga centres, organic food gardens, horse riding, bird watching, big BBQ areas, oh it was beautiful and now I just can’t stop thinking about them.

In typical (awful) fashion, my camera battery died after the first day. So here is just a glimpse of Alamos.