Mar 30

Happiness. And why you should stay at the Ace Hotel in Seattle.

I am in my happy place.

After 16 hours of being in transit, we finally arrived via the light rail into downtown Seattle. The air was biting our skin and it felt glorious.

We slept like royalty in the softest white sheets I’ve ever seen and I woke up this morning feeling suspiciously optimistic about life considering the extreme conditions of sleep deprivation and extensive travel I’d endured. I put my running clothes on as quietly as I could, tied my laces and left a note for sleeping Ivan curled around a sleeping baby saying not to worry and explaining my whereabouts.

I can.not.adequately.describe the joy that took over my body the second I felt the cold air hit my lungs. It was raining. It was grey. It was early. And it was cold. But I was grinning so big and my body felt so light and my heart felt so happy that I felt I could run forever. I found hills! I ran up stairs! I hugged the coastline! I soared for 6 kilometres before returning home to do yoga in the most deliciously large bathroom and then shower, the best hot shower I’ve had in a long time.

I’d never stayed at an Ace Hotel before, but we’ll definitely be back. Here’s why you should stay at one:

  • If you love the vibe of hostels, but you perhaps a) feel too old for them b) have young children or c) want to upgrade slightly, but not to a fancy schmancy hotel.
  • The continental breakfast feels like gourmet breakfast at your local organic cafe.
  • They serve Stumptown coffee for breakfast(!)
  • The rooms are the perfect blend of modern, minimalistic, rustic and cosy. How is that even possible?? Good lighting. And white walls. And beautiful linen.
  • The shower rooms are huge and they come stocked with fancy looking shampoo, conditioner & body soap.
  • The walls are white and then some walls have the most awesome wallpaper. Like ripped out pages from medical journals. Or wild running horses.
  • They sell their own merchandise, like rubber shoes! (Ivan got some)
  • They have free notepads and pencils scattered everywhere. And by scattered I mean placed neatly inside little wooden boxes. And by everywhere I mean in the convenient places where you think ‘oh it would be nice to have a little notepad and pencil right now’ (like everywhere, right?)
  • The music is nice. Like comfortable fancy and elegant nice. Not loud and hip nice.
  • National Geographics. And board games.
  • It’s wonderful value for money, in my opinion.

We spent the day exploring downtown and doing some shopping before catching a cab to Old Ballard. We’re staying in a beautiful big old house with a piano and hardwood floors and a huge kitchen. Ivan has some meetings tomorrow and I am silly excited to explore the area with Mika.

I’m going to save talking about food and gather them into one big post about my Seattle food experiences. But we just finished a dinner of roasted broccolini, carrots and yams with some panfried fresh firm tofu and now I’m sipping a Malbec Syrah from Argentina and I am the happiest I have been in a long time.

(And THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us today on Top Baby Blogs. We’re moving up the ranks!! Woop! (You can vote every 24 hours…hehe, just click here!)

Mar 28

In transit

12 hours in transit and only 4 to go. I love travelling with this little family of mine.

Being sky-high makes me think of all kinds of wonderful things. It gives me a glorious words-can-hardly-describe type feeling that humbles me and excites me at the same time.

Last time I was in Seattle I was pregnant and visiting a friend of mine. I made this video whilst waiting for him, it brings back nice memories.

Mar 27

To Seattle!

We spent all of Friday packing our bags. Well, I spent the entire Friday packing, Ivan spent the day running around tying up loose ends with paying bills and organising things and Mika spent the day climbing through boxes and swimming in her paddling pool under the watch of her abuelita (grandma). It’s fair to say that things worked out well for Mika while Ivan and I felt just a bit miserable that we couldn’t be playing with her all day.

To cut a long story into 24 words, we were told (on Friday) that instead of leaving our house on Sunday like we had planned, we had to get out on Friday.

Strange, yes, but we had no choice. So after a very long day, a very long night and a few tears, we set up camp at Ivan’s mum’s home.

Today we just found out that we are flying to Seattle on Wednesday and I am impossibly excited whilst at the same time feeling a bit annoyed at myself for also feeling a little exhausted. Traveling is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but on little to no sleep, with working full time at the moment and with a 1 year old, sometimes just the thought of a 3 hour bus, 2 plane rides and around 12 hours in transit is just overwhelming! But I’m just being silly really, because I find the airport ridiculously exciting and I love being in new places and I am so excited to be in such a beautiful city. I’m just exhausted right now and it’s after midnight and I’ve been working on a silly problem for a website we’re building and it’s driving me nuts.

I was debating about posting some of my favourite links or just some photos of Mika and her favourite people. The favourite people won.

With her 2 godmamas doing crosswords

Being fed by Oma

Playing trains with my friend cousin Jack

Hangin out with godpapa Red (we’re still working on those names)

My Uncle Vinny

Uncle Pablo

Aunty Anita

Reading with Grandpa

Oh OK and here are some fun links I’ve collected over the week:

The ultimate roof-top garden (my hero!)

Hilarious tips for single women in 1938. (Found via Courtney’s blog)

An awesome DIY chalkboard tutorial.

Eating red meat increases chances of death.

Never fly with your bags again!

These wedding dresses

Mar 25

Mika’s First Year. In 8 Minutes


Last night you were so itchy and you couldn’t sleep so I lay with you next to me and you curled your little body into mine. I stroked your hair and you fell asleep and I thought to myself how lucky we all are.

Becoming a mama has made me realise how many things exist in this world that could harm you. Things that I hardly gave a second thought to before, have suddenly become terrifying. From that angry driver to that kid with the flu, the table with sharp corners or the chunky soup – dangers lurk everywhere and I need to constantly tell my terrified brain to chill out.

In your first year you have been in an airplane 6 times. You have slept in cars, in prams, in arms, in travel cots, in bassinets, in baby carriers, on trains, on planes, on busses, on floors and in beds. We’ve had sleepless nights, restless nights and peaceful nights. And somehow, we’re all still alive.

We’ve called you Pokey, Thumpy, Kicky, Bug, Rascal, but most commonly Baby. You’re our sweet sweet baby girl and not a day has gone by without your papa or I exclaiming to each other how beautiful you are. We’re fascinated with you. You’ve quickly gone from a newborn who needed me to hold her head, to a little baby girl who would much rather hold her own bottle thanks. You went from helplessly kicking your little legs, to racing around our living room on all fours, climbing the stairs and pulling yourself along on our furniture.

Often when we were in transit, flying high over the oceans or speeding along in the dark in an overnight bus, I would hold you in my arms as you slept and I would feel so lucky that I could be here protecting you right now. I know we can’t protect you forever, but I can’t say we won’t be doing our best.

We’re so grateful that we’re your parents. We’re so proud of you and the love we feel for you is terrifying and glorious. We’re not the only ones – So many people love you.

To our little moon child, our sweet winter baby,

Happy first birthday,

Your mama & papa

Are you ready for the best 8 minutes of your life? If you haven’t had the opportunity to be with this little girl for the entire past year, then here is your chance to see the highlights. OK, it’s probably not gonna be that wonderful for anyone who isn’t family, so to our family around the world – this is for you.

Mar 22

Obregon in the early evening

The only times we go outside during the week is in the early morning or the early evening. During the day it’s just so freaking hot. So it’s a good thing that my favourite time of day is early morning, closely followed by early evening. I didn’t realise that both these times are known as ‘twilight’.

From Wikipedia: Twilight is the time between dawn and sunrise or between sunset and dusk, during which sunlight scattering in the upper atmosphere illuminates the lower atmosphere, and the surface of the earth is neither completely lit nor completely dark.

Woop, so I love it when the earth is neither completely lit nor completely dark. Cool cool cool.

I recently discovered this band from New Zealand and instantly fell in love. It doesn’t happen very often, but I love finding new music that just feels right. Listening to this song was one of those moments. Enjoy!