Apr 29

Things I will miss, a list.

  • Cheap good avocados, reliably
  • The way that people say ‘que hermosa!’ and ‘mira! que bonita‘ all the time when they see Mika
  • How the people from the local store always scoop Mika up the second we walk in and play with her til we leave
  • How around 5pm when the sun is low, kids play around the streets
  • Sunday lunches with Ivan’s mum and brother’s family
  • The great typography and bright colors on buildings and taco stands
  • The way that the taco stands all start setting up on their corners just before dark, in anticipation for the families and people who will soon head out to eat
  • Fresh corn tortillas a 30 second walk away from our house
  • Fresh flour tortillas a 2 minute walk away from our house
  • The awesome cinema (with new lazyboy reclining chairs and to-your-seat service) that reliably fucks up every movie at some point so we can keep going back for free
  • Being able to leave Mika with her grandma and just pop out to see a movie
  • Fresh coconut water from the coconut.
  • Evening walks where the warm breeze makes it super comfortable being in short shorts and jandals
  • Being able to take Mika to see her little cousins whenever we like
  • Hanging out with Ivan all day, everyday, whenever we feel like it
  • And for some reason the lack of variety here, making beans and vegetables the most desirable meal option for multiple days in a row will surely have some kind of nostalgic appeal to it one day

Apr 26

Beach day pictures

Yesterday we went to the beach for a day. The sun wasn’t shining but it was still 30 degrees out. The water was cold so the swimming was brief (we did both go all the way in though! For some reason baby cried when she saw us each dive in, and kept crying until we’d dried off…).

She was so content all day, just moving sand from one place to another, crawling in the soft sand, moving around the club restaurant, tasting the sand, clambering over the beach chairs. Ivan and I lazed around, listening to the waves and the birds. We did some crosswords, we listened to music and Ivan sipped on a margarita. It was exactly what we needed.

The sand doesn’t taste so good!

I got back from changing into my bikini and I found the two of them dining on wedges and a margarita. Too cute.

Apr 26

Birds at the beach

I thought the birds looked pretty amazing yesterday at San Carlos. Man I wish I could bottle up that relaxed beachy goodness and carry it with me always. Birds, waves and not a lot else = perfection.

Apr 24

13 months

  • Likes: grapes, mango, black beans, mayocoba beans, banana, raisins. Dislikes: everything else.
  • Has just started standing all by herself! Today! She looked at me and just stood up without holding onto anything, stayed there for a while, then crouched down again.
  • Instead of giving kisses, she’s started ‘blowing’ kisses. She can smack her lips together in a kissing sort of way. Her version of ‘blowing’ a kiss is by putting her finger in her mouth and pulling it out as she does it. Too cute.
  • 4 teeth! 2 on top, 2 on the bottom.
  • Down to about 3 breastfeeds a day. We’re working on it.
  • Can climb up and down the stairs like a boss. Boom.
  • Loves her paddling pool like crazy.
  • Is in love with ‘tongues’ right now. If I poke mine out at her, she gets into a fit of giggles as she tries to grab it. Quite funny.
  • Has started throwing mini ‘tantrums’. It’s hilarious to watch, we’re not quite sure what we’re meant to do about it. But it is so.freaking.cute. This is what her tantrums look like:

And she keeps getting cuter every day. Proof:

Apr 23

Ready to go

We have been in Mexico for waaaay too long now. As much as I love spending time with Ivan’s family, I am so excited to have more human interaction on a daily basis that isn’t through Skype. As much as I love that avocados and limes are so cheap, I can’t wait to have a full variety of vegetables to choose from. I can’t wait to buy vegetables that aren’t wilted or already dead.

The temperature has increased to a casual 35 degrees+ during the day and so all we can do is just sit around inside waiting for the sun to go down. There are no swimming pools. There are no exciting indoor places. There are no huge shady parks with lush grass. There is no beach or lake for swimming.  I HATE how much I have started to dislike this place.

For four months I made daily affirmations about what I was grateful for. Being here, spending endless time with Ivan and Mika together, seeing Ivan’s brothers and his mum. But now it’s been a little bit too long. I’m so ready to leave.

(This little girl on the other hand, doesn’t care about vegetables or excessive heat or lack of things to do. Ivan found an old toy car in the back of ‘the room dangerously filled with so much stuff that you really shouldn’t try to go inside’ that must have belonged to one of his brother’s kids. Mika’s current favourite thing to do is to have early morning or late afternoon walks in this thing. It is her FAVOURITE thing in the world. Like she just sits there, holding the little steering wheel and watching the world go past. She turns around every once in a while and blows us a kiss and grins so big that everything feels wonderful again. She smiles and waves at passersby and she can stay so still in it for such long walks.)