Jun 29

This is your time

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Now this is your time. Relax.

I’m so hot. My face is on fire.

Let your palms lie open and your feet fall out. Breathe in, breathe out, relax your body.

I wonder what Mika is doing right now. I hope she’s ok. What if she needs me?! My phone is in the changing room, maybe I should rush out and check if everything is OK.

Calm your mind.

Shit, focus. Calm my mind. Dinner, what’s for dinner? We’re going out. Must make the babysitter something though. Maybe I should pick up a few things on the way home.

Let your thoughts pass through, focus on your breathing.

Damn I’m so tired. I should relax, soon I’ll be outta here and I’ll wish I had more time to lie still and think of nothing. Maybe I should write about this. Hang on, am I really planning a blog post while I’m supposed to be meditating? It appears so.

Thank yourself for coming to class today.

Good job Pamela. The end of your 10 day pass. You almost didn’t come today remember? You thought about perusing some shops and spending some money that you don’t have, but you talked yourself out of it. You thought about celebrating that birthday you had the other day that sort of slipped by completely unnoticed – maybe a manicure or a massage or a hair-do – but no, probably the best gift you could give yourself right now is some stretching and meditation. Good job. Even if you get nothing out of it other than a few moments alone with your thoughts, it’s totally worth it.

Time. Alone. With my thoughts.


Jun 25


A birthday mood board.

left to right:
image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5, image 6, image 7, image 8

Jun 25

Family Dinner

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Yesterday I mentioned in passing to Ivan something about ‘my seat at the table’ from when I was growing up. He stopped me to clarify what I meant: You mean you had your own seat? And I said, well, yeah – we each had our own place. My Mum and Dad faced each other from two ends and my brother and I faced each other from the other two. You didn’t have this? Nope.

We always sat in the same spots. It had never¬†occurred to me before that maybe other people didn’t do this. I am always wary of sitting in ‘someone’s seat’ at the dinner table when I’m dining at someone else’s house, so I usually wait for everyone to sit or I take instructions on where I should go.

Is this weird? Did your family have their own places at the table when you were growing up? I’m very curious. Please elaborate in the comments if you like!

Jun 25

Rain or shine

On Saturday it rained.

And so we checked the internet for what people do on rainy days in Seattle and made sure that we did the exact opposite. We went to the zoo!

It was exciting for all of about 30 minutes until the light rain turned to very heavy rain and the mugginess turned to horribly cold. We ran for refuge in a nearby cafe and didn’t feel too disappointed as we munched on sweet potato fries and pocketed our yearly zoo memberships. (Wooop!)

On Saturday evening we did something that we’ve never done before. We left Mika with a babysitter that we didn’t know. It was slightly scary but entirely awesome. All Ivan and I wanted was a few hours to hang out and talk and people watch somewhere where we didn’t have to whisper while baby slept (one more week in a studio apartment!).

It turned out perfectly. We got a tiny booth at a very crowded Bimbo’s Mexican bar/cafe in Capitol Hill, and played with our new dice (obsessed) whilst throwing back a couple margaritas and corn chips. Then we walked all the way home in the cold night air through the crowds gathering for Pride events.

We spent Sunday perusing the Fremont Market. We’ve decided it’s our favourite. We like Ballard as a suburb, but the Fremont market just has so many awesome trinkets, cool vintage finds and sweet repurposed furniture and things – it’s so easy to spend an entire day there. Plus the food is awesome (fennel tacos! vegan naan bread! sweet potato!)

We ended the weekend with a easy vegan asparagus soup, homemade hummus and a few too many slices of Dave’s killer bread. Somehow even after the extensive sampling at the Theo Chocolate factory, I still needed to use up the last of our quickly-going-moldy strawberries. So I followed this recipe more or less, using strawberries instead of plums and it has just come out of the oven:

What we don’t eat now will no doubt be consumed for breakfast tomorrow :)

Jun 22


We don’t have a car and I like it like this.

When we have a car, everything seems to move so quickly
When we have a car, it seems as though there is always something new to pay for (gas, registration, service, repairs)
When we have a car, we seem to always be running late

Without a car everything feels more relaxed
Our days can be planned around a single event, rather than 20
We can share smiles and conversations with people on the bus
We only spend money when we travel, not on something sitting in our garage
We have more time to play, read and cuddle
There’s never any need to find parking
We walk more
And for times when we’d love our own vehicle, there’s always zipcar.