Wet weekends and awesome friends

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As we headed out the door, with our raincoats on and no diaper bag or stroller – Ivan grabbed my hand and said ‘when was the last time we did this?’ And I couldn’t even remember. Our lovely friend Lani had offered randomly to watch Mika for a few hours in case we had something that we wanted to do. We …

Animal hunting

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Today we put on Mika’s amazing new rain suit (which looks like a spacesuit. We know) and went in search of some animals in the neighbourhood. We found squirrels, cats, dogs and birds. Here’s a video of Mika calling out for a cat. Be warned…crazy cuteness ahead.

Links for the weekend

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found here My plane leaves in 6 hours. I’ll arrive in New York City at 5:45am local time and I’ll be spending the next 3 days with a favourite person. Despite this being the first time I’ve been away from Mika and Ivan at the same time, and the fact that I won’t actually be going to sleep (unless I luck …

Becoming more me

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I was in the shower. I’d just come back from my long Saturday morning run and the house was empty. Ivan and Mika were at the children’s museum with some friends and I was granted almost an entire day to myself. So I’m enjoying the hot water running down my back and I’m suddenly aware of very peculiar feeling. I’m …