things that matter

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This moment. My sweet girl sings me ‘twinkle twinkle little star’. She nibbles on blueberries while I sip my coffee. She says ‘(te) amo’ for no reason other than because she feels like it. It’s very cold and I can see my breath, but the heat from the little outdoor ceiling heater is keeping us warm.

At this moment…

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I’m feeling :: It’s officially December which means it’s officially holiday season which means it’s basically Christmas which means that in LESS THAN ONE MONTH all our closest friends and family will be IN SEATTLE with us. You know that feeling that you get when you drink too much coffee? And that feeling that you get when you’re super excited …

A list for Wednesday

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Things that I find it ridiculously hard say no to even when I probably should. A list: – croissants – another cup of coffee – peanut butter, almond butter, sun butter – corn chips and guacamole – tiny things (tiny donuts, tiny chocolates, tiny pastries) – chocolate – sweet potato fries

The waves

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He said he’d never seen real waves and I thought about how that would feel. And I supposed it would feel about the same as how I’ve never seen a real desert – it doesn’t really feel like anything. But then it made me think about the beach. The black sand beach that felt like ours. The place we went …


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I’d eaten both the avocados. I didn’t even know we had two, but Ivan must have bought another one and so in lieu of anything more nutritious I decided to just eat them both. I actually saved half of one for Mika and then I craved something else but there was nothing else to eat. The downside of having no …