Mar 26

january 5, 2013

We never even thought we’d get married. but then ivan proposed when we were visiting wellington and i said yes and before we knew it we were living in seattle and asking our closest friends and family to fly around the world to stand by our sides.

and they did!

we rented a home that slept 20 overlooking the puget sound in olympia washington and we spent a week there with friends and family leading up to the wedding.

our food was prepared by the amazing chef sarah, our gorgeous cakes and pies were made by the amazing crystal, all our hair and makeup was done by beautiful carly and the incredible photos you see below were taken by Jaquilyn and Travis – a gorgeous couple that we found on amanda’s blog.

the people in these pictures flew across the world for us. they decorated, they made flowers, they bought groceries, they looked after mika, they played music, they took photos, they skinny dipped, they partied EVERY NIGHT, they said speeches and they reminded us that we have an entire community who love us.

it’s something awesome to say vows to each other. it’s something entirely indescribable to say them infront of your closest friends and family. i’d highly recommend the experience if you are unsure.

love to everyone who was involved and also to everyone who couldn’t make it but was there in spirit. and love especially to my love, ivan. obviously. x

Mar 23

She turns 2

I can’t believe that this was a year ago and this was 2 years ago and that today we have a little 2 year old.


Today you woke up and your papa and i sang happy birthday to you and you listened to us curiously and then said ‘pancakes?’ so of course we made you pancakes.

You opened some presents from uncle vinny & aunty brooke and oma & grandpa and mama & papa. Then we walked to your favourite truck park on 70th and 9th and we met some of your favourite little friends. Baby Elijah was there and Jamie and Fyo and Emy and Kimbre and baby Guy and Zev and baby Yael and Henrik and Ernie. It was probably the best day of your life.

We ate fruit and hummus and crackers and mama nearly forgot about the cupcakes that we had hidden from you but thankfully you reminded me.

You are the sweetest, cheekiest, jumpiest, fastest, most loving little girl we could hope for. You run so quickly, you kiss us so much, you sing so beautifully and you jump so high. So many people love you and you are the brightest thing in our lives.

Love mama & papa

Mar 14

in san francisco

‘bye mami!’ and my heart always melts when i hear her say ‘mami’ in the sweetest little voice. and then i was on a plane and then i was on the train and then i was in bed cuddling one of the most wonderful people in my life and then somehow we didn’t talk forever and i fell asleep.

and then it was 7am and we did talk forever and the next time we checked it was 130pm and we were hungry and we walked in the hot sun and ate salads and practiced yoga and talked and talked and laughed and laughed.

in the mornings i run up a very steep hill and i breathe in the air that reminds me so much of wellington air and i wonder how it is possible that the air here feels different to seattle and then i figure that it must just be that i look at the houses and the streets and it reminds me so much of wellington that my sense of smell is altered. maybe.

there is no rush. there is no deadline. there is no urgency. there is no one waiting for me and there is no should.

i don’t usually feel overly rushed anyway, and sometimes it is nice to know that someone is waiting for me, but sometimes physical space and a change of scenery can translate to mental space and freedom to think through things, make plans, form new habits and see things differently. right now this is exactly what i need.

Mar 01

with a nearly 2 year old

my alarm goes off at 550am and i pick up my phone and force myself to read an email from adele on my phone because that always wakes me up. i jump on my bike at 6:05am and get to yoga at 6:12am.

stretch. breathe. be.

at 745am i sit in the cafe next to the yoga studio and i read my book and i sit in the comfy chairs because i am not with mika and i feel relaxed and happy and after you have a child you apparently quickly learn how to instantly relax and appreciate tiny moments of calm. i own that calm for about 45 minutes before jumping back on my bike and heading home to make oats.

and the rest of my day is spent with this curious little girl and i thank the universe (and ivan) for morning yoga and small pockets of calm. (and for bringing this curious little girl into my life. obvi)

mama but the dog went this way!

more! (success)

amateur hair cuts. she can pull it off though

calm times

my tiny gardener