Who we are

Pamela and Ivan. The Kiwi and the Mexican. Or rather, the girl-who-was-born-in-Botswana-raised-in-New-Zealand-and-holds-Canadian-citizenship and the born-and-raised-Mexican who found each other in Vancouver and have since lived in Auckland, New Zealand, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico and now Seattle, USA.

We started this blog shortly after finding out we were expecting our first offspring as a way to share our adventures into parenthood from both a new mama and a new papa’s point of view.

Our baby girl was born on March 23, 2011 and is the most beautiful, sweetest little bird we have ever seen.

So now we are a little family of three. We left New Zealand in November 2011 and are now travelling the globe for some serious exploration before Mika turns 6. You can check out our current location on the sidebar.

(These beautiful pics were taken by these beautiful people).

Ivan is an interactive designer. You can check out his portfolio here.

Pamela is currently a full time mama. But prior to baby, she was getting a bit more serious about this whole photography business and she has those web-savvy kinda skills that see her building websites (like this one) and contracting out her social-media-web-savvy-type-know-how. She is the co-founder of yMedia with Adele Barlow and is currently working part-time on this also.