a birthday party

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This weekend we relied heavily on our friends to help us get ready to move house. Definitely the best part of the weekend was not sitting in traffic in the pouring rain trying to rush around to furniture stores, but rather the 2 hours spent watching these kiddos play and eat cake and celebrate the end of charlie’s third year.

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she’s racing towards three. ivan whispers to me ‘she’s like a real person‘ and i nod as we watch her do a somersault. she asks real questions like ‘are you feeling ok mama?’ and she points to all the letters and even proudly told me yesterday that ‘some people say swimsuit and some people say togs‘ and when i asked her what we say she thought about it and said ‘both!’

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A Birthday Party

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s’more summer please

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friday night was family happy hour in the sun with friends, followed by fancy pizza and a late night bus ride home with my baby girl strapped to my chest.

saturday morning was early morning running, followed by cat feeding & plant watering and pancake eating on a friend’s balcony. we each read the new yorker and national geographic until we could barely stand the sun any longer then we made a poorly timed family visit to the zoo as all the animals seemed to be sleeping – except the snakes (mika’s favourite?!). yoga and work during nap-time, then a long walk to a BBQ in a gorgeous backyard with beautiful people.

sunday was for papa to sleep in. mika and i cuddled and danced and peed in the potty. when papa got up we walked through the farmer’s market nibbling on apricots and cherries. then i drank coconut tea and we headed home for naptime. another run and more yoga during naptime then guacamole making and showering before heading up the hill for our first taste of s’mores, toddler BFFs and new friends.

so much goodness.

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The second year: 27.5 months

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Well little one, here we are.

Today we were walking home from the park and I was carrying you and I was deep in thought. You turned to me and asked me in your sweet little voice “Mami? Are you here?” and it took me by surprise.  I answered, “yes, of course I am!” and you smiled and said, “oh, ok!” and I have no idea what prompted you to ask it, but it felt so wise and so philosophical and so relevant to how i was feeling at that moment. I needed you to jolt me back to the present and so you did.

That’s what I love so much about these days – how much you surprise me. You ask me funny things, you make funny jokes and you somehow seem to say or ask the right things at exactly the right moments.

I snapped some pictures of you and I thought about some things that I never want to forget about how you are at 27 months old:

  • how you love to push the swing with no-one on it and count ‘three, two, one, a la luna!!!!’ (to the moon)
  • how you make up your own versions of ‘wheels on the bus’ and ‘hush little baby’ and they are genuinely hilarious and you know it. (Like, ‘mama on the bus says NO NO NO!’ haha, which i don’t!)

  • how you are getting really excited about using the potty (much more so than we are excited about you using it) and how when you need to pee you get REALLY urgent in an exaggerated way and run around the house asking if you can pee in different things.
  • how you pretend to be on the phone and say ‘hello, AMO!’ (i love you)
  • how you’ve picked up ‘aqui’ and ‘alla’ instead of the english equivilent (here and there) and it is SO cute to hear you say ‘aqui Papi, aqui!’

  • how you count to ten by saying ‘one, two, three, eight, five, nine, five, four, two, one, TEN!’
  • how you LOVE to give kisses and cuddles to your friends
  • how much you love babies. it’s so sweet. you talk about Baby Guy and Baby El (yael) and Baby Elijah all the time and when you see them your whole face is overwhelmed with happiness and you can just watch and play with them for so long.

  • how you always ask us if we’re ok: ‘are you ok mami?’ ‘yes, i’m ok’ ‘oh good’. and sometimes it’s followed by a kiss or a hug.
  • how brave you are with your eczema. you scratch and scratch and then you try to cover your arms and legs with your clothes so you don’t scratch and it is obvious you are in so much pain but you try to pretend you aren’t and you look up at us and say ‘i’m happy!!’ and you smile.

It feels like we went from not really being able to explain things to you, to you entirely understanding us to the point of even offering alternatives to suggestions we make. “Mika, would you like to have a bath?” “No, I wanna read books” “Oh ok, do you wanna bring me a book?” “Yeah, I wanna bring TWO books”

And then there’s the fact that as I’m typing this all out, I realise that a lot of what you say is only fully understood by me and possibly a little by people who spend a fair amount of time with you. As far as i’m concerned, we can communicate just fine. You correct me when I’m wrong and even then – people who overhear our conversations will sometimes make a comment about how funny it is that i can understand you. It’s hilarious – you’ll say ‘mama, i wanna rayree’ and i’ll be stumped…so I’ll be like uh…’a rayree?’ and you’ll go ‘NO, a RAYREE’ and so i will begin the guessing game until finally we’ll land at raisin and i’ll say ‘OH you want a RAISIN?’ and you’ll say ‘YES, a RAYREE!’ and there we have it.

i love you so much my little winter moon child.

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