Apr 18

Ciao coffee & humpday links

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I have this niggling concern for things at the back of my mind. They aren’t pressing or urgent or overwhelmingly concerning, so they stay at the back of my mind until I get an opportunity to act on them or until something changes and I am suddenly overwhelmed.

Recently I had the opportunity to act on a concern. I’d been wanting to give up coffee for a while and what better time to do it than off the back of my sickness leaving Seattle? I was sick anyway, so I knew that the headaches I’d experience would just assimilate into the other awful things I was feeling and the ‘withdrawals’ wouldn’t seem so bad. Perfect.

When I think of giving up coffee, I think of those people who’ve told me not to drink it. Yes, Annaliese, my beautiful shiny white toothed naturopath, I’m looking at you. These non-coffee drinkers with their healthy hair, shiny white teeth, sparkling eyes, perfect skin and calming non-caffeinated energy – are they really onto something? Do they really feel awake and alive and energetic?

I’m on day 8 of no coffee and I feel fine so far. I haven’t even substituted it for something else, I’m like completely coffee and tea free. I have no idea how long I plan on doing this for. Coffee drinkers are addicts. I’m OK with this. I like the club. But I just wanted to see what life was like on the other side for a while. I like knowing that I can do this. It makes me feel in control of my body and my life and when I’m ready to drink coffee again, I will.

Other things of late:

  • Mika has perfected the art of climbing down stairs. We never taught her this, so naturally we are amazed.
  • It is 35 degrees between 9am and 6pm. It’s a good thing these houses are built like dungeons.
  • Did you catch the salad and muffin recipes I posted on Cruz Family Kitchen?
  • Did you see that they brought Tupac back from the dead?
  • Adele pointed out that this website is the least government-looking government website she’s ever seen. I’d have to agree, it made me pretty happy.
  • If you haven’t had your day made awesome by watching Cain’s Arcade yet, please do.
  • Wouldn’t this be an awesome job?!
  • I can’t wait to watch this documentary. If you’re in Canada, you can watch it on CBC’s website I think.
  • I loved this style guide from the Economist.
  • I found a delicious use for my buckwheat noodles!
  • Ingrid

    Caine’s arcade was so beautiful to watch! I must try those muffins!! And the website – did you design that? It looks so much like your style. And yes, Mika is an absolutely amazing and wonderful child. Hugs to you all xxx

  • Angus

    I’m one of the coffee free guys. One of the advantages is that, when required you can use caffeine to give you super powers. I used to have a caffeinated drink once every two weeks, this low volume meant it gave me the power to break through training barriers that regular consumption did not. Good luck with the purge.

    • http://www.mividacontigo.com/ Pamela Minett

      Yes, I’ve been thinking about this. It would be cool to get to that point where caffeine was actually useful to me, rather than just something I needed to bring me back to feeling normal. 10 days now and going strong!