Sep 14

Detox Update

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When I was in high school, I ate special K cereal almost every single morning.

Between the ages of 16 and 22 I ate a can of tuna with crackers or bread pretty much every day for lunch. When I was 23 I was informed of the high mercury content of tuna and advised to eat no more than 1 can each week. This quickly reduced my tinned tuna intake.

So I’m pretty habitual when it comes to meal times. I get excited that I get to have breakfast every single morning for the rest of my life… so it’s even better if I know what’s coming.

This detox business throws me a bit. It’s weird. No bread? No milk? No oats? No meat? No coffee? No eggs? But what will I eat? Well, my friends, I am happy to tell you that I am currently on day 15 of no coffee. I’ve had one egg. And there were 2 days there where I kinda just went a bit wild. But the cool thing is that when I say ‘wild’ I mean that I ate some gluten, some meat and maybe had a dessert. The next day I was back on track. See, the cool thing about detoxes is that they reset the standard of what’s normal. My habits and routine get an audit and I can change things up. I’m pretty confident that the majority of this detox will become life changes for me.

The week so far:

Monday: Lemon with water. Buckwheat cereal with homemade nut milk. Apple. Lentil salad with pumpkin and spinach. Carrot sticks. 2 mandarins. Black bean soup with quinoa & chia corn muffins.

Tuesday: Quinoa breakfast with berries & mint. Buckwheat berrie smoothie (x2). Black bean soup with raw salad (x2). 2x mandarins.

Wednesday: Buckwheat cereal with homemade nut milk. Fresh beetroot juice. Carrot & Lentil Dahl (x2). Raw almonds & raisins.

Things I am learning:

– Homemade nut milk is forever in my diet now
– I can live without eggs & meat
– I can’t live without chocolate
– I feel AOK without coffee
– Sugar has an extremely noticeable bad effect on my body and energy levels
– Avocado and cucumber taste great in smoothies

  • Court

    Nice work! Looks like we’re eating similar things at the moment – man it feels good! You have also just given me a couple more great recipes that I can’t wait to try! (Uhh Black bean soup with quinoa & chia corn muffins? Yum! Get in my life)

  • Aurelie

    Wow, so inspiring.
    Yesterday I decided to try to eat a bit better. Started off good with muesli and yoghurt for breakfast, and taking 2 apples with me to work… then I left the apples in my friend’s car and it all went downhill from there. Tim tams & disgusting cheese pizza later… I feel gross but I am detrrmined to try harder tomorrow. Sigh.
    I need to put aside more time to take good care of my body!
    Short term goal: I will make dahl before the end of the week.

  • Pamela

    Yusss, go guys go! :)

  • Jenny @ Practically Perfect…

    Thanks for posting the update! I was wondering how you were doing. I decided to start my own 30 day challenge, although I just started mine yesterday (Sept 15th – Oct 15th) because of being on holiday. I love the recipe suggestions, too :-)