Mar 06

a new year a new site

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There is nothing more satisfying than designing and building a new website in one weekend.

One Saturday morning it was raining and so Ivan and I walked in the rain with our raincoats to a beautiful French cafe in Remuera (Le P’tit Pyrenees) where they greet everyone with ‘bonjour!’ and speak in the most adorable French accents.  We sat outside and sipped coffee and ate our breakfasts whilst completing a crossword or two.  Then we got down to website-business and planned our new site.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent entirely on getting this site finished.  With baby on the way (in only SEVEN DAYS) I really really wanted it to be complete and beautiful so we can start adding images and videos and such.  Obviously there are still a few things that can be tweaked, but by 1am last night we decided those little things can wait.

If you find anything drastically wrong, annoying, not working (or awesome) within our site, then please let us know so we can fix it.  If you dislike change, then I am sorry – but you will soon not even remember that this site was anything but this.  Who can actually remember what the old Facebook looked like?  Not I.

(Here are our incredible breakfasts from Saturday morning)

  • Anthea

    Love it, love it, and congratulations on the site-in-a-weekend success! A much attempted but rarely achieved feat 😉

  • Court

    Love love love your new site!

    Especially the illustrations – in particular, the two birds and the little egg in the nest that made me go “aww”

    But one thing…is it just me, or is Ivans last name spelt wrong on the banner thing at the bottom of this page where it reads “site developed by Ivan CUZ and Pamela Minett” …just sayin.

    Other then that – B and I want to now start a blog. So may need a few pointers or 10 from you guys when you have a min or two…

    You two are so incredibly talented/creative and I cannot wait to meet your child who will no doubt be just as talented – if not more so then his/her parents. 😉


  • Ivan

    You are correct, my name was spelled wrong! Fixed now! just saying..

    As for the pointers of course we could, we’ll see you guys soon to catch up/give you some pointers, unless baby comes this week, in which case we’ll chat online about the pointerss 😛