Jan 25

a slow day.

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Our internet has dwindled down to dial-up speed after Ivan and I downloaded the HD version of Despicable Me (and 4 other movies) this month.

When I say dial-up, I mean barely enough internet speed to open Gmail.  It does that friendly little thing where it politely suggests that maybe I’d like to try opening Gmail in basic html version rather than in suitably named ‘standard’ version.   No, I would not like to load my emails in basic html thanks, but it seems I have no choice, so sure, go ahead.

I know that I’m trying to focus on all the wonderful things in life at the moment, but when you can’t get on the internet it is just.so.frustrating!  Ha.  So I tuned my ukulele and sadly the internet could not load up any of the music I wanted to learn today.  And so then I did some cleaning and took a long shower.  I bought a coffee so I could sit in a cafe for a while and poach some of their “broadband”.  I watched a friend eat lunch at a different cafe to kill some time (and for the company!).   And then I swam and walked and when I got home, it hurt to pee.

I will not ask Google why it hurts to pee.

Oh but I did anyway.  And I should probably call my midwife tomorrow.  Google told me (after I waited for the page to load… 30 seconds.  30 seconds?!!!)  that I could potentially get a kidney infection which could lead to hospitalisation (and all sorts of problems).

Tomorrow we should have our internet back up and running and I will follow up with this painful peeing business.

On a nicer note – for dinner tonight I made us this amazing vietnamese soup (so easy and so delicious) and this so-so-but-incredibly-healthy red cabbage salad. I’m not overly used to cooking cabbage yet, so I was a little inexperienced with it.  I’m not sure if I cooked it for too long or too little or if the strips were too big or too small.

  • http://www.benlilley.com Ben Lilley

    These posts are hilarious Pam, love the way you write! Keep it up :)

    Oh and Internet diagnosing is a problem I have too, can imagine it would get much worse when there’s a baby involved too!

  • Anita

    Pam you should try this salad..

    raw beetroot cut into matchsticks
    raw pear cut into matchsticks
    feta cheese
    a few mint leaves
    lemon olive oil dressing

    just chop, mix, season and dress! its delicious

  • Pamela

    i will! that sounds delisimo :) x