Jun 14

Cupboard & fridge tour

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Are you one of those people who loves to peek into other people’s fridges and cupboards? I am. When we were looking at open homes (for renting), I loved to sneak peaks into what kind of people were living there.

We still haven’t moved into our ‘real’ home yet, but I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what our cupboards and fridge are looking like right now. If this kind of thing weirds you out, then move right along.

This is our little pantry. I keep our oats, granola, pasta and rice in here as well as our dried beans.

Most of our grains are kept in the freezer – there’s currently amaranth, red quinoa and millet.

I love baking occasionally so I love to have ingredients on hand to do so. I make sure to keep white flour and white sugar out of the house so I’m not tempted to bake with it – instead I have spelt flour and coconut crystals for special occasions.

Our very sad looking fridge! We sometimes have almond milk yoghurts for Ivan to take for lunch, but today there was none. Sometimes there are bigger containers of leftovers. But not today. Today it looks like a poor person’s fridge! But really, it’s all that we need. I’m not sure why there’s a pear in there – we don’t usually keep pears in the fridge.

This picture is pretty self explanatory:

And that’s that! We also have a fruit bowl and a pretty extensive spice rack but I didn’t take any pictures. Maybe another day.

And because we all know the real reason why you are here, here you go:

  • Courtney Herbert

    That looks like my kinda pantry!!  I love having only the basics (I too have everything in jars – so much nicer/better)

  • Tess

    I just read this blog post with total relish
    http://www.dinneralovestory.com/my-family-kitchen/  and was thinking about how much I love spying on other peoples lives, especially their kitchens and bedrooms. I thought that made me a freak. Now I know at least i have a freak-in-arms.  Also, that last photo is just stupendous. She is so big now, and still so perfect. I want to steal her! or at least come for a visit and smoosh her a little bit. 

  • http://a-girl-and-a-world.blogspot.com/ Jane

    I’m about to moveinto a new flat and with that I want to start a new pantry. this has inspired me…! on  a side note, this kid is absolutely adorable!