Feb 06

Perfecting the Potato Fry

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The weekend was spent working, cleaning (the cleaner didn’t come…first-world problems?), skyping with best friends and cooking for family. Highlights included: cooking amazing potato fries (recipe below), ending a dinner party with a game of apples to apples on our living-room floor that lasted until 2am, doing crosswords in the park on a picnic blanket while Mika clambered around us and investigated the grass, trying out a new sushi restaurant, getting my ass kicked at scrabble in a coffee shop while Mika was with her grandma and having lots of sleep-in time thanks to an amazing certain someone whose name starts with I and ends with ‘van’.

The kitchen sink bath is a result of letting Mika crawl around in the nude. I think she poops on purpose so she can get her midday ‘swim’.

In other news…

I miss kumara fries. Ivan misses kumara fries. Once, Ivan ate nothing but kumara fries for 4 weeks. We really miss kumara fries. Mexico doesn’t have kumara and they don’t do sweet potato well and so we have had to resort to the plain old potato to get our fry fix. Not a huge favourite of mine – but in chip form it’s not so bad. The problem is, it’s hard to get the chips perfect and they take a long time to cook. Usually you’re looking at at least 30 – 40 minutes for the perfect chip. And how much oil? Do you heat the oil first? Arghh so many questions!

So this weekend I managed to perfect the 15 minute potato frites recipe. Perfect if you (like me) enjoy a crispy, not-very-oily fry.

Potato Fries in 15 minutes

Obviously you need potatoes. As many as you like really.

  1. Heat oven to around 200 C
  2. Take your large potatoes and slice them really thinly. Like maybe 1/2 centimeter thin.
  3. Pat them dry with a tea towel or paper towel.
  4. Slice them into matchsticks.
  5. Rub a very small amount of oil onto a baking tray. Use your hands or a piece of paper towel to spread it around evenly so the tray is just kinda greasy.
  6. Lay the matchsticks out on the tray.
  7. Sprinkle some curry powder over them. (Optional, but delicious).
  8. Place tray in oven and keep an eye on them – mine took around 13 minutes, but it depends how you like ’em. When the edges are just starting to get black, that’s my fav.
  9. Take out, place in a bowl and toss with salt. Enjoy with some homemade aioli!!

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  • Tess D

    holy moley she gets cuter with every photo. You dont think it’s possible, but then she just goes ahead and gets cute…
    I’m making home made fish n chups for dinner tonight. I’ll be making kumera fries with balsamic dressing. (it makes up for no salt!) You have your super cheap limes, avocados and coconuts, I have kumera. I dont know who has it better….