Jul 10

New boundaries, new foods.

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If you read my last post you already know that my allergies have been horrible ever since I sat foot in New Zealand. This place seriously dislikes me. Maybe because of the whole knocking up a kiwi girl thing, but who knows? I don’t.

Thanks to the comment I received from my friend Sammy last Sunday I went and saw the person who cured her allergies. A lovely woman by the name of Shirley who practices traditional chinese medicine or 中医 to those of you who speak the language.

After my visit she put me on a course of disgusting tea that looks (and smells) like sewer water and the most restricted diet I have ever been on. I’m off wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, most oils, some vegetables and all fruit except peeled pears.

As horrible as this may sound I’ve come to terms with it. My allergies have been slowly improving, the tea is getting easier to drink and the food, well, it’s actually kinda nice to learn more about the stuff I eat and shit… there’s sugar in fucking everything.

This diet has so far been a great eye opener to what food is all about and how much shit we eat without even realizing. And so here are a few things that I have learnt lately:

  • Most packaged foods have sugar and use it as a preservative.
  • Mayonnaise has sugar in it.
  • Chia seeds do incredible things in water. (Can be used instead of eggs in baking)
  • Sugar is the devil (Watch this video if you don’t believe me)
  • Sunflower oil (which is on my no-no list) keeps appearing in the most ridiculous places like almond, oat and rice milk, why does milk need oil? Beats me.
  • To my surprise, goat’s milk is creamier, sweeter and overall more delicious than cow’s milk.
  • Buffalos can be milked.
  • Buckwheat isn’t really a wheat and it’s great on buffalo yogurt. Or on peeled pairs.
  • Goji berries taste great in yogurt.
  • It’s normal for babies to not poop for up to 10 days. (Whaaaaat? Off topic, but seriously, what?)

The designer in me can’t help but mention how good limitations are. Just as a good project can really excel when limitations are present, forcing the designers to think creatively – having a restricted diet forces me to experiment, learn about and explore food in more depth. I never thought I could have enjoyed breakfast without tortillas, cheese, avocado, beans or bacon. But now you can give me goat’s milk and sprouted buckwheat any day. Or these amazing pancakes that we made this morning. (Talk to me again in 4 weeks.)

  • Helen


  • Brett

    The oil in the nut milks is there to make it creamy.

  • Ivan

    I see, it was annoying at first, because it meant I couldn’t have it but everything is good with the world ever since I discovered how tasty goat’s milk is.