Jul 03

On Allergies

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When I was living in Vancouver I used to love how my nose cleared up as soon as I got into the heated room of the Bikram Yoga studio. I always thought it had something to do with the temperature of the air but maybe it’s the fact that the room is in theory dust-mite free. I say ‘in theory’ because after doing some reading I found out that dust-mites cannot survive temperatures over 40º .

I’ve been reading lots about allergies given that mine worsened as soon as we landed in NZ. I’ve taken every antihistamine on the market, started a dairy free diet (currently on day 21) and also been involved in a treatment called  EPD (a shot in my arm) which unfortunately bans me from using antihistamines for 4 weeks after I get the shot. So the last 4 weeks have been pretty much hell given that the treatment can take up to 3 shots to work and they have to be 8 weeks apart.

Well, last weekend I decided to give Bikram Yoga another go after reading numerous testimonials on people’s allergies getting better after practicing often. I gotta say I felt better, at least temporarily. It gives me moments (at least 90 minutes) of complete bliss that could help keep me sane if my allergies don’t get better soon.

I need to come to terms with the fact that my allergies are here and probably not going anywhere at least for a few months until the EPD kicks in. (I have high hopes on the EPD working eventually, based on numerous studies I’ve read). The main reason why I need to come to terms with it is the fact that allergies can make your life plain miserable and also affect the people around you. I mean, who wants to be around a person who’s always edgy, grumpy or complaining about life.. I don’t and I definitely don’t want Pamela and Mika to be around a me that does that. I think I’m pretty good at keeping it under control but I have my bad days.

I guess the one thing I have to say about anyone with allergies is that they (WE) need to live life at our fullest, try to come to terms with them, forget about them and realize that in the grand scheme of things they’re nothing and they shouldn’t obliterate our existence.

On that note, how could I not enjoy life with a little one as adorable as our little Mika. Seriously someone tell me..

  • Sammy Lane

    Mika is adorable!! But I feel ya on the allergy scene mate, I’ve been there! My advice … Chinese herbs will fix you in no time. I’ll mail you through my lady’s number, she fixed my eczema amazingly well after battling with it for years full of grumpiness and pain! And if she can’t help your allergies I don’t doubt she will have a contact that can, try it out anyway x

  • Cousin Rachel

    Hi there Ivan, My Brian suffers intense Allergies… from the spring thaw to the next sprint thaw he is in a state. He has started a regime of allergy shots to this most severe allergies, (grass/pollen/dust/trees.dogs) over the course of the next four years. We are hoping that works, there seems to be a bit of a difference. But he also take a shot of *MangoXan* Its a juice made from the magostien fruit, IT HELPS. It doesnt cure, but it sure helps take the edge off his poor nose and eyes. He has been on One to Two extra strength allergy pills for most of his adult life. If you can find it, Mangosteen juice of any sort… should help ease it a bit.

  • Red

    Chin up brother! I love having you here in NZ! Small consolation, I know, but keep battling! Light – tunnel – all of that.

  • Kara

    Awe, I’m sorry to hear your allergies are so bad. Leah used to have REALLY bad allergies too.. so bad that she couldn’t even go outside. She claims her “cure” was to cut out sugar. When she cuts out sugar completely from her diet, her allergies are completely gone.. as soon as she eats sugar again.. there back! I know giving up sugar is SUPER hard.. but if you can do it.. more then your allergies will improve.. Guaranteed!

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