May 30

On working from home

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This is a late “Papa’s Sunday” post.. I’ve been swamped with work lately and couldn’t fit in any time yesterday to write. As a matter of fact I was supposed to work on the weekend but I find it extremely difficult to work while at home – there’s just too many distractions.

The biggest one being Mika: she’s either awake and happy so I can’t help but play with her and try to get her to not blank me.. (She’s getting better she kept full eye contact whilst I fed her last night) or she’s asleep and making the loudest/strangest noises!

I came to realize that working from home is harder than I thought. I remember that when Pamela was pregnant I was really keen to work from home and be there with her. But while it may sound good in theory, it’s way harder than I thought.

Though I don’t have to work from home at the moment, when Pamela and I finally move to Argentina next year I will be, so I want to start experimenting to become more productive while working from home with a child (and a girlfriend).

Here’s some of the things that come to mind and that I will start practicing as soon as I can/find the need to work from home.

Gotta define my work space.

I think that’s a big one. This weekend I actually ended up moving Mika out of the room I was using as an office because I couldn’t work at all. Even when she was sleeping she was making all sorts of cute/annoying/kinda funny noises that made me lose concentration.

Close the door.

I read this on a blog once, apparently it has a subliminal effect on you. If you live the door open it’s too easy to decide you don’t HAVE to work and to your family it means that whatever they need Papa’s there just hanging out so why not go ask him?

Shower and have breakfast.

I think that working from home should have no effect on a morning routine, waking up at the same time, showering and having breakfast must continue!

Get a good chair

I made the mistake to use one of our wooden dining table chairs because the office chair was too creaky… Big mistake – my lower back was killing me after merely an hour. Did you know they class chairs by how long you can sit in them for without having to get up? A 12 hour chair would be better than say, a 1 hour chair. I’m gonna find me a 24 hour chair…

Schedule, schedule, schedule.

Given that I want to start and finish a whole 5 minute 3D film in six months, I have been reading on how to organize this film to actually happen. But no matter what you’re tackling if it’s on the list it’s easier to do than having to figure out what’s coming next every time you finish something.

Well, that’s it for now.

Good night!

  • Paul

    A friend of mine who also works from home says that he puts on his work shoes (I hope that isn’t all) to help tell his brain that he is off to work in his home office. He says it helps him to feel like he is really ‘going to work’. I haven’t tried it, but it sounds like a good idea.

  • Ivan

    I’ve heard of people actually going to the extent of walking out the door and returning right away to trick their brain that they left the house and are now at an office.

  • Michelle Kelly-Tasker

    Hey Ivan, having worked from home since Zhan was 3 months old and Bodhi 3 years, I found a must have is set work hours, especially a) for some sort of consistency and b) the kids and husband learn to respect it. I did 8-3, which meant while they were home from school, I was there to spend time with them. During school holidays I would take a morning tea break and lunch break and spend that time with them. Set hours bred good work habits and in my mind it became a job and easier to separate home/work life.