Nov 08

I Quit Sugar – Book Giveaway!

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So in my post about my thoughts on sugar I mentioned a book that I had read called ‘I Quit Sugar’ by Sarah Wilson. It’s a super easy and useful book to read that sets out to help you cleanse your body of sugar over 8 weeks. She includes facts and figures that help to motivate you along the way and some sugar-free ‘sweet’ recipes incase you get a sugar craving.

What’s inside the book (From her website)

I was addicted to sugar. I needed it every day. I convinced myself it was “good sugar”. But sugar is sugar. And it was making me sick, tired and bloated. I set about researching all the different ways to quit the stuff. It took a while. But in the process I found what works — for good. They’re simple techniques and they’re kind, sensible and totally make sense. In the I Quit Sugar ebook you’ll receive:

  • A sharp 8-week program that walks you through each crucial stage, week by week
  • A tidy, easy-to-relay-to-mates-at-the-pub explanation of how + why sugar is making us fat + sick
  • A sugar replacement plan: tested + nutritionally sound
  • “Sweet” sugar-free recipes
  • New treat ideas
  • A detox + a suggested supplements list
  • A downloadable shopping list of new ingredients to replace sugar in your life

Today, Sarah has kindly agreed to give away ONE copy of her ebook to one of the readers of Mi Vida Contigo. This makes me very happy because I would love for you to read this book.

To enter the draw you just need to leave a comment on this post. You can also like Sarah Wilson on Facebook AND Mi Vida Contigo on Facebook if you like – but I realise not everyone has Facebook, so this isn’t a requirement. Just say something nice below and you’re in the draw. I’ll pick a winner on Friday November 11. Woop woop! You can be anywhere in the world to enter cause it’s an E-BOOK!

Good luck!

  • Sue Sommerville

    Love your posts about sugar – I am so addicted and would love to read this book, sounds miraculous!

  • Aurelie


    I’ve been reducing my sugar intake slightly, but I still find myself unable to resist sweet treats at times…

    Monday was a workmate’s birthday and the boss made each of us “party bags” FULL OF LOLLIES. And I ate them all. Sadface.
    And then I was hysterical / migrainy for the rest of the day.

    So getting this book!

    Did I mention I love your blog is awesome? I think I have 😉

  • Aurelie

    P.S. “I love your blog is awesome” makes perfect sense. That’s how great it is.

  •!/Megatve Meg

    Love reading your blog, seeing your beautiful girl grow up and being inspired by your photographs! Keep it up :)

    Meg from Melbourne

  • Miriam

    Don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog before I come in and have a read from KMB on and off. I’d love to read this book and have a go at making sugar less of a focus in my daily diet. Thanks for a cool giveaway and not making fb compulsory!! Miriam Chch, NZ

  • Emma

    I must admit, although I think less sugar is a great idea, I’m skeptical of cutting sugar right out, mainly for social reasons. Food is such a massive way that we relate to people, and sure, while you can control what you buy and prepare yourself, what about other people that wish to entertain and share food with you? Am I being silly? Either way I’m curious to read more.

  • Raven

    Cool! This book looks great. I’m totally addicted to sugar. After reading your post i’ve been trying to cut down gradually, starting with the two baddies sour lollies and fruit juice! Hopefully it will help with my crazy allergy issues! Thanks for your posts Pam!

  • Adele

    I REALLY want to read this… even if I don’t win, I think I’ll get the book anyway!xx

  • Keren

    I would love this book too – I’ve just started cutting out sugar after reading your blog post, and need the motivation to continue (though I just had some sweets and got an instant headache, so that really should be motivation enough…).

  • court

    I definitely need this! I am currently attempting to turn my life sugar free, but then yesterday I realized I was eating too much fruit. Goodness knows what else i’m eating contains sugar too!

  • Andie

    I read your post on sugar a few days back and it’s given me quite a bit to think about. In the supermarket the other day I ended up checking most of my healthy food items (such as cans of tomatos) and was quite shocked to find there was added sugar. It opened my eyes to really needing to pay more attention to these things!
    The EBook definitely sounds like a good read :)

  • Kylie

    Sneaking in last to say…I would LOVE this book. I think a detox would be exactly what i need right now 😀

  • Renee

    Great food posts!
    Totally agree with the whole sugar addiction thing, the more you go without it the less likely you are to want it, but have a sugary treat at morning tea and it just leaves you craving more for the rest of the day!
    Currently trying to cut down sugar at the moment, never used to be able to eat oats without dried dates and cranberries and I love my sweet chilli sauce on everything but its amazing how once you cut it out you don’t crave or need it like you used to!
    Sarah Wilsons blog is also a gem, lots of inspirational stuff!