Dec 12

A gift guide of sorts

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We already celebrated Christmas as I know it. I know Christmas as a huge summery meal on the eve of the 25th with our family of 4, close friends and any orphaned Christmas goers. Following the meal we usually play games late into the evening snacking on dark chocolate, strawberries, pineapple and mum’s homemade sugar-free Christmas cake. Christmas morning is slow and leisurely and usually always involves me going for a jog before people wake up followed by home-cooked eggs benedict, very relaxed but methodical gift giving and then a long family walk to settle the food.

Here’s the crew this year. Hats were compulsory awesome.

So now instead of missing my NZ family like crazy, I’m actually super excited for our Mexican family Christmas. Mika’s first Christmas. And even though it’s not snowing, and there’s much less CHRISTMAS CONSUME CONSUME in your face like there is in Canada and New Zealand, Ivan and his friend Rodrigo put heaps of effort into installing outside twinkling fairy-lights on our house. *MAGICAL*. And I play Christmas music because I love it. And so it really kinda is feeling a little Christmassy around here. A little.

We’re not really big into the gift giving. I’ve talked about practical gifts before. But here are some awesome gift ideas that would actually make my day, and so hence they would probably rock someone else’s world too. Here is a wee gift guide, just for fun:

These beautiful cards. (But nothing beats making your own)

Classy photo gifts.

A silk pillowcase. Awesome for your hair.

Beautiful elegant beach towels. Oh yeah.

Gorgeous pottery.

This granola and anything from her gift guide.

Bags of delicious coffee. Always a winner.

My favourite perfume which seems to be discontinued :(

Super cute big human clothes for tiny human people.

Cookies and brownies in one? Holy moly, yeah.

Some books. Like this one, this one, this one and this one. And I can recommend this one and this one as of late.

Moroccan Oil hair products. These nourished my hair during my pregnancy and I so so wish that I had some more. It’s like pouring gold on your hair. But them for someone you love.

The two boardgames we miss the most. This one and this one.

If someone you know doesn’t have one of these, then they need one. We’ve already got ours.

The gift of a longer life. Or some sweet apparel to wear whilst living longer.

And if you want hours of fun and laughter, go to right now and connect with your Facebook. Voila, now appears the ultimate gift guide personally tailored to every single one of your 800 or so friends. With surprising accuracy, Etsy suggested I get this for my Dad, this for my Mum, this for my brother, this for Ivan, this for Adele, this for Anita, this for Red and this for Tess. Safe to say I won’t be making such purchases this year, but still, go Etsy!

And of course the best gift you can give and receive is time with the wonderful people in your life. I have all I could really want right here.

  • Tess

    I absolutely LOVE the Ira Glass finger puppet. Esty totally gets me! 😀 merry christmas to you and yours. big bubbles of love floating your way across the oceans!