Jan 27

at this moment.

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I’m currently…

wanting to show off the talents of one of my bestest friends and his girlfriend.  Check out their work.  (I especially like this one)

…loving the new Decemberists album!!  Quite seriously it makes me gloriously happy (perhaps because Gillian Welch features on most of it…)

…wondering what our child will look like.  I can not stop thinking about our child.  Last night at antenatal class we talked about how freaky strange newborn children can appear.  Think covered in a white cheesy-like substance, kind of blue looking, cone-shaped head, hairy shoulders/back/chest, ‘stork’ marks on the face and back of the neck, swollen genitals, strangely bent limbs, little white pimples, a squished up face… the list really does go on.   So when you come and visit our baby in the first couple days, I won’t expect you to tell me it’s cute.  But you better.

…thinking about death.  Not in a morbid way, but I know of 2 people who have passed away recently.  And I’m about to give birth.  It really makes life seem strange.  A friend of mine is reading this book (I think this is the one he mentioned) and I’m considering picking it up too.

…feeling excited for Ivan’s first swim race!  Tonight at 6pm he’ll be swimming in the summer swim series, so make sure you’re thinking positive thoughts for him!!

…enjoying summer and looking forward to winter.  I love cooking fresh fish and salad for dinner on these beautiful hot nights.  I love seeing people in their short shorts and jandals (flip flops) and sunglasses and hats.  I also love the smell of sunscreen.  But I still can’t wait to be all bundled up in winter with our newborn baby.

…smiling after receiving a courier parcel this morning from some lovely family friends containing the most adorable little body suit (in red stripes!) for baby!  I was so overjoyed that I did a little dance around the house in my underwear while Ivan kindly waited by the door for me jingling the car keys (we were running late for work).

…planning a photo shoot with a family this weekend.  I also decided to put all my pictures into one place on Facebook. Have a looksie and ‘like’ it for me.. go on!

wishing that all my friends and family could come together in one magical place for a weekend.  From all around NZ and all around the world.  For something like this!  Or just to be together.

I also really love this adorable picture:

Tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo!

  • Brad

    That swim series is sweet. I’m doing a triathalon in June, maybe May, and I def need to track something like this down in Indo!

    Tell Ivan to send me any tips he gets when he finishes his