Friday Five

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1. Coco’s Cantina. I took Ivan here for his birthday last week and woah they cook a mean feed. Artichoke tempura with mint and yoghurt and bruschetta with broad beans and fresh mozzarella to begin. Followed by some seriously good pork belly for Ivan and fish of the day for me. The only weird thing is that they state on their menu ‘service not included’ which I took to mean we actually had to tip our waiter. As expected then, the service is delightful. Friendly but not too friendly, talkative but not too awkward, helpful in all the right places. And I secretly kinda enjoyed taking out the iphone to work out the Canadian’s notoriously accurate 15% tip. Also, didn’t we look cute?

2. This website. OK, surely I have more important things to be thinking about, but this site is so much fun. If you’ve ever wondered how to apply eye make up effectively or braid your hair in crazy ways (things I somehow missed the memo on??) then this website may delight you as much as it did me. Some people say time waster, I say personal development.

3. Do you ever feel as though you just want to shout from your rooftop about how freaking awesome your life is? How often do we hear people talking about all the shit things that happen to them? How often do you get phone calls from people who are upset or sad or need cheering up? And then how often do you get phone calls from people who just want to share how freaking happy they are with life? Not often I’d imagine. The other day my friend called me just to say how awesome life is. And it was glorious. We rejoiced in how lucky we are, how beautiful people are, how lovely the days are, how youthful and exciting we are. We talked about ways to celebrate our glorious lives. Perhaps this is how Thanksgiving feels to people who celebrate it.

It is much more lovely to talk about how great things are than to talk about how gloomy things are. And sometimes, when things might seem gloomy but you’re around people who are talking about great things, then you start to see how glorious your life is also.

Be on the look out for things that make you laugh. If you see nothing worth laugh laughing at, pretend you see it, then laugh.” – Manny

But in all seriousness, try sharing a good or even great thing about your life with someone. Or let the people who make your life so wonderful, know that they do.

4. The Glow. Stunning images of inspiring and beautiful mums. There should be a NZ version of this!

5. Sad but hilarious.

And that’s it…today was Ivan’s LAST day of work and so we are off to the sand and sun for three days. Woooooooo!

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    gorgeous beings! i love