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I have the flu.  This is severely UN-fun to the point of wanting to ball my eyes out and scream IT’S NOT FAIR but that wouldn’t achieve much I know. Our little bird has been sleeping FIVE hour nights for the past 3 nights. It’s almost as though she knows I’m sick and is doing the best she can to help out. It’s heavenly and I wish I wasn’t sick so I could really enjoy the sleeping a bit more.

But despite being sick, I’m quite excited about something. A lot of my friends have recently hopped aboard the blogging bandwagon and I just wanted to share this with you all.  If you are a friend of mine and you have a blog that you have been keeping secret then shame on you!  That’s just like keeping a journal. A blog must be shared! (Unless it is a journal). So here are my friends who blog (that I know of) and why you should check them out:

From left to right:

  • Adele Barlow – I’m sure you all know by now that Adele is one of my most wonderful friends/first ever business partner/extremely talented with words/living much too far away from me. Reading her posts is like attending therapy class and you’ll leave wondering why you feel so amazing. (It’s because she has an incredible relationship with words. They do amazing things together.)
  • Anthea Whittle – This lady doesn’t publicize her blog enough. I’ve known Anthea for about 4 years and she is an incredible writer, photographer and creator of many things. She loves good music (I get a lot of my music inspiration from her) and her blog is beautiful. This is reason enough to visit.
  • Court & Brad (Tresor de Jour) – It’s still early days for this blog, but Courtney is so interesting and passionate about all things creative/design/advertising/photography that I know only good things are to come. Subscribe to it now so when she’s uber famous you can say you’ve been following her from the start.
  • Ellice Street Galley Kitchen – I just discovered that a friend of mine and his girlfriend blog about what they eat. I’ve witnessed a meal being prepared in this kitchen and magic really does happen. If you love food then this is fun.
  • This is Weeny – Eeeek, this girl is a beautiful soul. I have everything envy of the way she writes, travels, documents and creates. You just have to see for yourself.
  • Kevin Jagger (Long Track Long Shot)- My old ‘boss’ quit his job and decided to become a longtrack speed skater and try out for the next olympics. Pretty fucking awesome really and stupidly inspirational. If you’ve ever wanted to do something and need a kick in the pants, just read his story and you’ll jump off that couch pretty damn fast. He’s documenting his journey and his training and everything.. check it out.
  • Nanatech – A friend of mine is a contributor to this blog. Basically it’s a “collaboration of young and old who like to get together to craft, preserve, garden, create and eat, to nurture the exchange of intergenerational wisdom and skills across Aotearoa/NZ with a hands-on approach” – and they blog about it. I wish they blogged more though…
  • Red (Walking is Overrated and Becoming Mr Red) – a super wonderful best friend of mine who is becoming a secondary school teacher and documenting his adventures. His website Walking is Overrated is a pretty big deal and I thought he’d taken a break from it but it looks as though he’s back documenting news, reviews and views about disability in NZ.
  • Tash (Taking Out the Tash) – Tash is one of my crazy insane beautiful best friends who now lives in London. We’ve had many a Skype call about her wild silly tales of love and sex and everything in between. Luckily for you, she now documents these tales in a super lighthearted joyfully chick-lit sorta way on her blog with a title my Dad would be proud of. She’s only just started, but be sure to follow her sure-to-be-hilarious journey of ‘finding love’ in London.

There must be more of you out there who blog – please let me know!!

Also – unsure where or how to follow blogs? A super-easy-awesome way to follow blogs is with BlogLovin. Just click on this link to follow our blog – all you need to sign up is your email address. Too easy!