May 01

Humpday Links

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Listening to: A Wasteland Companion, M.Ward
Reading: By Nightfall, Michael Cunningham (yup, reading!)
Watched recently: Being Elmo, The Lives of Others, Yesterday

Some good reads/finds of late:

A weird risk at the playground

The traces of plastic in our food

I finally got my invite to Duolingo and I am in love. It’s like Rosetta Stone, but free and using real texts from the internet and they’ve turned learning a language into a game!!!

Incase you were curious about getting enough iron as a vegetarian or vegan.

In exploration, children ask: “What does this object do?” In play it is “What can I do with this?” When a child is confronted with too many new toys they spend too long exploring and not enough time playing. “The theory is that children who play more tend to become more creative, imaginati ve and emotionally secure.” From when toys take over.

Feeling in a rut? Inspiring thoughts from Adele should help.

People are awesome.

A list of films to see before you’re 14.

13 simple steps to get you through a rough day. (That first one really works).

One of Ivan’s good friends and Mika’s god fathers just started a new job in Monterrey, Mexico. He’s got an awesome portfolio, check it out!

If you like maps and birds, check this out.

Despite the fact that this is from P&G (one of ten orchestrators of choice) – it’s quite a sweet video. I got teary.

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  • Natalia

    Thank you Pamela, those were some great links!! (esp. the coffee shop and ’13 simple steps’ – loved it).