Aug 02

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Sharing a cookie with Mimi.

We are on day 3 of our version of an elimination diet for Mika. We are trying our best to cut out ALL dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, nuts & gluten. Soy is in everything it seems, and it’s making it tricky to get food into this girl. There’s only so much oatmeal and hummus we can feed her (i think?). Anyway, more on that later.

I’ve read so many good articles lately, I can barely recall them all, but thought I’d share a few that have come through in the last couple days. Enjoy!

  1. The secret to desire in a long term relationship.
  2. Everything you want to know about yourself and anyone else you care about. (Addictive).
  3. How to talk to your daughter about her body.
  4. You should date an illiterate girl.
  5. For all of y’all curious about the Paleo Diet.
  6. Tampon commercials are way cooler than when I was a teenager.
  7. Careful what you search for.
  8. 40 days of dating.
  9. Adele writes (brilliantly) about work/life balance.
  10. And last but definitely not least, my beautiful mama has started a blog! I set it up for her but she is a little shy about getting the word out there. Have a read and leave an encouraging comment or two while you’re there :)
  • Anonymous

    Wow, great post. Lots of interesting links. Thanks for sharing them.

  • Adele Barlow

    Hahaha I miss Mimi! She looks real happy about that cookie. Love all the links hun x

  • Kylie

    Love the one on Paleo diet. That diet craze drives me bananas so its nice to see someone debunking it!