list of awesome.

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(This is a very adorable 3-legged dog that I photographed in Sydney about 3-4 years ago.  I love how he’s smiling)

Inspired by the video in my last post, I have decided to start recording the awesome things that happen in my life that make me gloriously happy.  If anything – it helps me look for the awesome things that happen and so there is inevitably less time to be spent dwelling on the not-so-awesome things.

  • On Saturday evening we had just parked our car in a pay-and-display car park and a man came over to our window with a valid ticket paid until the next morning!  This was so awesome – but not nearly as awesome as it felt passing it forward when we left the car park an hour later.
  • I got home on from yoga on Monday night to find Ivan putting the finishing touches on the most delicious dinner.   And last night I came home from yoga and my Dad placed a piece of (gluten free!) brushetta in my hands, straight from the oven.  I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than coming home to food that’s ready for me!
  • Yesterday I spent an hour and a half having my body massaged while the rain poured down outside.  No, it wasn’t from Ivan (but he does massage me too!) – it was from Bella Mama in Takapuna.  A much needed indulgence after our summer camping trip!