Dec 29


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Mika and I deciding to make the most of the super hot and glorious midday sun with an outdoor bath

Some stuff I’ve seen lately and been meaning to share:

This video about a man living in a Food Desert in Cincinnatti.

This NYT photo journalism piece on eating together.

A free OWL CALENDAR?! Oh my. Yes please.

My most recent favourite blog to read.

Mermaid or Whale?

Cat Power’s new song. Donate for an instant download.

A wee girl’s thoughts on marketing. Gorgeous and awesome.

Wanna do 100 pushups? Ivan and I think we might will never do this. But it’s fun to consider.

Since deciding to start my daily yoga practice here in Mexico (more on that soon!) I’ve become addicted to online yoga videos. This time lapse is….awesome.

  • Johnycakes

    The 100 push ups is actually really good, especially if you get it app version. Real kick in the butt motivator for those of us that don’t have babies to kick our butts.