Mar 14

Some Favourites

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Today is the anniversary of the day she was due. March 14. I wonder if I’ll ever forget that day. Her first birthday is in 9 days and I was pretty chill about it all until I read this. And now I’m an emotional mess. Not really, but it definitely got me thinking about how easy it is to obsess over the things that do.not.matter in the grand scheme of things. So thank you Karen Maezen Miller for reminding me about what matters.

Here’s some more cool stuff on our internets that I’ve enjoyed lately:

Crazy idea?

Beautiful idea.

Brilliant idea.

A great cover letter.

Only 40% of Americans believe in evolution.

Why we won’t have a TV in the house.

The Head and the Heart (playing at Sasquatch this year!!)

Why ALL parents are better than you.

A super interesting article about breastfeeding and why it’s not a choice.

Ivan wants to get better at filming, so he started a little personal project for himself. He’s going to film a little clip every single day and upload it to a website for other people to use if they like. The site is called a daily take and he is on day 5.

As we explore new neighbourhoods (virtually) for our new home, we’ve really enjoyed this website that helps you live the most walkable lifestyle possible.

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    A really great post, Pamela.  I wish there was enough time to click all the links.  Perhaps a bit later in the day.