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Inspiring Photographers – Kate MacPherson

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The light! The composition! Could I stop choosing my favourite photos already? Holy moly, I love the way Kate sees things. Kate MacPherson is a wedding and commercial photographer based in Wellington, NZ. There’s a saying that I found on her site recently by Elliot Erwitt: “All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice”. Isn’t that true? ‘Notice’ is what Kate does beautifully and it shows in every single one of her images. She’s the kind of photographer you want at your wedding because you just know that she’ll notice things you never did. Imagine reliving your special day as captured through the eyes of Kate! Yikes, excite!

Do I need to mention she was runner up for the NZIPP Wedding Album of the Year 2011?

Find her on Facebook (she’s almost at 1000 likes!) and enjoy her thoughtful answers:

I like taking photos of: Anything backlit in the sun (current obsession). And people.

I take photographs because: It allows me to communicate in a way I can’t do with words. Plus I love that feeling when time stands still and you get really focussed on what you are photographing.

It also allows me to dabble a little in the presentation and design of the photos, which I really love.

My favourite camera to use is: Canon MKII but only because that is the camera I shoot with. I borrowed a friends FujiX100 recently and really would love that for travelling. But I am not really into photography gear, only as much as I need to be. I’m far more interested in what is in front of my lens, not what specs it is.

My favourite lenses are: Canon 50mm f1.2

A photographer who inspires me is: Henri Cartier Bresson. And Elliott Erwitt. For their composition and eye for the moment.

My usual breakfast is: It’s usually always different. I am no creature of habit and routine makes me shiver so I can have leftovers if there are any left from the night before. Or a fruit smoothie. Or toast, Or crackers. Occasionally nothing. But always coffee. Black, no sugar.

A song I’m listening to at the moment is: ‘Love Comes to me’ Bonnie Prince Billy

And Leonard Cohen I never tire of….his words are beautiful.

My tip for aspiring photographers: Work H.A.R.D. And look at tons of photos and find what it is about the ones that speak to you that you like. And then you’ll know what drives you in your own photography and I think it means you start to develop your own style…by experimenting. A ton. Don’t copy but be inspired. Not just by photographers in your own field but by photographers in general. Or design. Or whatever it is that speaks to your inner self. I am constantly changing my idea about what I like about my pictures and adapting. Mostly no one wouldn’t notice but then over time a style gets refined I think.

  • Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    Stunning… I adore Kate’s work!!