Jun 18

a weekend fit for a father

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So it was possible! The weekend was wonderful.

The Fremont Solstice festival was everything we could hope for and more. We really had no expectations, but with muggy weather, naked people on bikes, roasted corn cobs, super coffee, belly dancers, fun masks and beautiful company, we really couldn’t go wrong.

It was father’s day in America, which meant that we appreciated Ivan even more than we usually do (which is a lot). We spent the entire weekend exploring the city and the suburbs. We ate and cooked a lot of amazing food. We walked a lot and we are exhausted in a very pleasant way.

Mika slept through an entire game of scrabble. We think it was probably her gift to Ivan.

Iced coffee. Raw vegan enchiladas. Mediterranean tofu scramble. Asparagus & portobello tofu scramble. Spelt pizza with brocoli and shiitake mushrooms (vegan). A very good food weekend and recipes to come!

Today we went to buy Mika some shoes. She’s getting so much better at this walking thing, but she always has bare feet which isn’t always too ideal in this sometimes cold weather. We wanted to get her tiny toms, but ended up settling for some converse sneakers only because they just stayed on her feet whereas the toms were always falling off. We’ll get her some toms when she’s a little sturdier on her feet. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable she is? She ran around Nordstrom so proud of herself in her new shoes!

We ended the day in the public market to pick up a tortilla press that we are very grateful to now have (no more hand pressing tortillas!)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend also. x

  • Anita Mitchell

    oh my god those ones of her standing in her little shoes are the cutest pictures i have ever seen

  • http://www.streetsandstripes.com/ Chaucee

    Glad you all had a great Father’s Day : ) You’ve been traveling so much!