Jan 31

hello life

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so we had a wedding and a million amazing people come and see us and stay with us and now that’s over and life is back to normal and somehow my body thinks that means i should eat ALL THE THINGS which of course considering it’s quite cold and i didn’t eat much for the past few months it probably wouldn’t hurt to eat a bit more but this cold weather and being poor means that all i want to eat is homemade sweet potato chips with egg-free aioli and after eating that for dinner every night for the past week i think it is time to say ENOUGH. it’s really all mika’s fault anyway cause i make the fries for HER and then she ends up not eating them all and because we are poor i cant just throw them away, i must eat them ALL and then sometimes after i eat them all, mika decides that really she IS hungry and she asks me for ‘more?’ and so i have to chop up another one and wait another 40 minutes. yeah, we need to get out more. or at least try something new.

there was also that time that i made an instant vegan brownie in a mug and it was instantly wonderful but followed by instant regret. i may have done that twice in the past week. it’s just so instant. dammit.

mika was dreadfully sick for a few days there. i wasn’t nervous at all until my mum got me all worked up by reminding me that a bad cough is not just a symptom of a common flu but also a symptom of POSSIBLE DEATH and so we went to the doctor and dropped $350 on a quick checkup and some herbal tinctures (great word btw) and sure enough she is feeling much better today. thank god for those herbal tinctures.

she’s been unbearably awesome lately. i mean, obviously each day is an emotional rollercoaster, we laugh, we cry, we cuddle, we scream, we throw stuff, we draw on walls, but each night we come out on top and she kisses me and sings to me and reads me stories and puts her dolls to sleep and tells me about what we did that day and i feel so damn lucky that i get to be her mama.

sick babies falling asleep in my arms > than most anything else (except healthy babies falling asleep in my arms)

in other news, i bought some seeds and i planted a mini greenhouse. i finally just did it. so far i just have broccoli, leeks, bell peppers and basil, but i plan on adding some squash and tomatoes perhaps too. it is unbelievably exciting and i would suggest that anyone who feels like something might be missing in their life or who feels that there might be room to feel a little bit more excited about something, just go and plant some seeds. after planting them all, i went to bed with an inkling of doubt that the teeny tiny seeds i’d just planted would actually turn into vegetables. ‘it’s nature, silly’ my friend said, and yeah, i know it’s nature but nature is mind blowing and it doesn’t make it any easier to comprehend. i really still don’t even know how mika is here…i mean, i do, but woah. go nature!

  • Ingrid

    I love the fact that your doctor prescribes herbal tinctures!