Feb 24

sunshine and rainboots

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the weather has been gloriously unpredictable (and also i don’t mind talking about the weather because it plays such a huge factor in my mood and my feelings that it is most definitely worth mentioning, so there). i love running in the early AM when the clouds are grey and it feels like rain is on the way and then i get home and shower and eat and look outside again and the sun is shining through. or sometimes it isn’t, but at least it keeps me on my toes.

we bought some eggs last week and had a pretty egg-heavy week. i don’t think we’d ever eat eggs regularly again, but if i was to eat something that i’m not 100% happy about consuming, it would be either eggs, croissants or fish. i like to think that i have enough self-control to eat any of those things as a glorious treat sometimes. a little while ago i stopped drinking coffee, just to know that i can and also because i was feeling a tad anxious and i thought maybe the caffeine buzz wasn’t helping. i suppose it was good to stop, but i am still not ready or interested in giving up coffee for good, so i’m back to drinking it. oh yes.

my plants are thriving (and some are dying) and they still make me extremely happy but our recent heating bill was $400+ for the month so i think i may have to rethink my set-up.

ivan has been working crazy long and hard hours and we don’t see him very much. he’s doing cool work though and still manages to be here on a saturday morning so i can get to one of my favourite yoga classes.

and possibly the most exciting thing right now is that there is only one month left til mika is TWO YEARS OLD. like woah.