Jun 21

Sunshine and Vegetables

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Today we woke up very early to find a box at our front door:

It was our first box from the CSA we joined and we were so crazy excited. A huge box full of seasonal fruits and vegetables. It’s like Christmas meets Master Chef and I can’t stop planning meals in my head to use everything up, starting with this.

I surprised Ivan yesterday with a long board to make his journey to work a little more exciting. This morning since we were up so early, we decided to accompany him a little of the way and stop off for an early morning coffee. Mika was bright and cheerful as usual at this hour, but it didn’t take long for her to eventually fall asleep. She’s actually not an early riser – she usually wakes at 6 then goes back to bed for a couple hours.

I signed up for 10 days of bikram yoga for $10. That’s 10 days of yoga in a row. And this means that Ivan is being extra amazing and helping to care for Mika when it would otherwise be just me or the both of us. This means that I have found myself riding the bus and walking down the street on my own a few times now and it is so peculiar. Firstly, every dog that I see, my eyes light up and I have to stop myself saying ‘look! doggie!’ to some unlucky passerbier.

Secondly, people are much less pleasant. When I’m with Mika, it takes a pretty awful or bothered person to not light up at her gorgeous smile and funny antics, so naturally I get to see the best of pretty much everyone. But I suppose my smile isn’t quite as gorgeous or my antics quite as funny, because when I’m not with Mika I just get treated kinda like…a nobody, I suppose. Heh.

Sometimes I think about how different our lives are now that Mika is in it. I think about how much she’s growing and how much she’s changed and how much I’ve grown and changed. I wonder how she’s shaping me and the kind of mama I am and how much I’m learning from her.

It seems that every day I get to know her a little bit more and when I think that I have an entire lifetime of this to come, I feel rainbows in my tummy. It is such a pleasure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1213535033 Hannah Truly

    This child is brilliant, I can completely believe that she would bring out the best in anyone she came across. Love the photos <3

  • http://twitter.com/DomesticallyUn DomesticallyUnemploy

    She makes me smile just looking at these photos. And yes, beautiful photographs!

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant post.  Love the vegies. 

  • http://foxglovephoto.wordpress.com/ Natalia

    Lovely, lovely post :-)