Sep 24

the big three-oh

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today you are two and a half (officially) and according to the theory that two and a half year olds are half of their adult height, we can now predict that you will be taller than both of us. you are 90 cms right now which means you will be nearly 5’11! so perfect.

today we had a conversation that went like this:

“mami, i’m going away”
where are you going?
“to the mountains”
to the mountains!? why?

haha, it is the funniest thing to hear you repeat our words back to us. Lately it has been “because!” with a cheeky smile and a little shoulder shrug. and then after i sort of laughed and smiled, you obviously weren’t done with the conversation:

“mami open the door por favor”
“because i’m going to the mountains!”

silly me.

you’ve become the house translator. it’s incredible. your papi was in the other room and i was with you. you asked me what papi was doing and so i called out to ask him and he replied (in spanish) that he was getting changed. i relayed to you (in english) that he was getting ready (for work) and you quickly corrected me “no mami, he’s getting changed.” which pretty much blew my mind.

oh yeah, for some weird reason we decided to put you into a big girl bed. and it’s totally awesome. you love it and we love it cause we can lie down and cuddle you in the mornings and if you need us in the night and generally it’s just pretty cool. no big deal.

also you are now wearing undies when we go out and it’s no big deal. we never even potty trained you, you just know what to do and you do it like it ain’t no thing. which is so freaking awesome cause i was so not ready for the whole potty training thing and it’s like you just knew that you would need to take this into your own hands or you’d be in nappies at 5. the weird thing though, is that you still ask for a nappy so you can poop. when we put the nappy on, you literally just get up and walk to a corner, poop in your nappy and then come back and say ‘change me please!’ so we just have to figure out what to do about that.

you have pretty much stopped eating everything. what’s that about?

we have switched your rice milk to oat milk after reading some scary reports about arsenic. man oh man.

you love to run. you love to be chased. you love to dance. you love to sing. you love playdough. you love anything that makes a really big mess. you love your friends so much (most talked about at present are francesca, cecilia and stephanie!) and i’m sure if we bought a cat it would be the greatest moment in your life.

you have so much energy and you bring so much happiness and you drive us so crazy and we love you with more love than we ever knew possible.

all my love baby girl,

  • mirari

    feliz cumple!!!
    i also read a study of a scandinavian university about rice for children and arsenic… did you try almond milk?
    (call mika for a translation!!!): algunos ninyos tienen sensaciƓn extranya cuando sale la kaka, sienten que pierden algo y por eso no hacen sin panyal.

    • Pamela Minett

      we hadn’t tried almond milk because of her allergies…but maybe we should try it. and yes – i read something somewhere about the pooping thing, i just need to figure out how to get her over it! :)

      • mirari

        it’ll arrive a day when she won’t need her diaper… my daughter, when she started without the diapers, she used to rest without making poo for days (record=6 days), even if she eats plenty of fruits and vegetables. then a day it changed and now she’s very regular.
        finally what kind of allergy does she have?