May 07

The second year: 25 months

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One day you might ask me what you were like as a two year old and im sure my memory will not serve as well as i’d like. so this is why i am writing this. for you to hear about and for me to remember.

when you wake up in the mornings or from naps, you say ‘no poopoo mama’ just so i don’t have to check your diaper and you ask me for ‘milk’ and you ask ‘papa at work?’ and i say yes and you say ‘elaine at work?’ and i say yes (elaine is your nanny) and then you are happy that you know where everyone is and we get up and read books.

you still love to read books. over and over. by mama in english and by papa in spanish and to yourself in your own little language. you can finish the sentences of most of your favourite books, which include (but are by no means limited to) ‘harry’, ‘the lion in the meadow’, ‘the little house in the big woods’, ‘the worst princess’ and ‘a summery saturday morning’.

you say ‘oh well’ and shrug your little shoulder and it is the sweetest and funniest thing.

you have a thing for toes. you treat them like people and you like to say hello to them, kiss them and wave goodbye to them.

like most 2 year olds, you love bubbles, you love chalk and you love sandboxes. you also love to run and you can almost run fast enough that it’s an effort to catch you. the happiest place we can be together is exploring and digging at the beach or lying on the couch reading books.

you can eat a whole punnet of blueberries. you love tofu. you love miso soup. you love hummus. i can’t think of anything that you hate specifically, but you tend to give most things a try.

today when you got up from nap we were cuddling and you were drinking your milk and you stroked my face gently then sat up and gave me a kiss on the mouth. sometimes we just stare into each others eyes and both start laughing and it melts my heart like nothing i’ve ever experienced.

i love the way you call me and copy me and cuddle me and kiss me. i love that your face is always grubby and your feet are always bare. i love that your hair is messy and your spirit is wild. i love that i get to be your mama now and forever.


  • mirari wendie

    they’re so sweet at the age of 2… i love your photos :)