Jun 19

tiny & humbled & strong & free

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where am i again? another 18 hours, totally different from the last time (we both sorta just slept the whole way), and i’m back in seattle. no matter how many times i do it, plane travel still blows my mind. i can wake up in winter time in new zealand and then go to sleep in summer time in seattle. it’s crazy.

the whole trip was sorta crazy. after being sick for so much of it, we finally managed to cram a bunch of stuff into a couple days: i played squash with my brother, we picnicked with one of my best friends and her two kids, i caught up with a group of ladies and babies that i joined before mika was born (who are now ladies and toddlers with baby siblings!), i managed to have lunch and dinner and drinks with friends but still didn’t manage to see everyone.

and then maybe the best part of all – my brother and i did the drive out to the beach that we grew up near and we walked along the wild west coast of new zealand and i felt tiny and humbled and strong and free.

  • Pat Graham

    Hi Pam really love your writings and your life descriptions. What a wonderful journal you are keeping for Mika to read one day. Hope you are well. Best Wishes From Pat Graham

  • Adele Barlow

    I miss that beach sooo much. These pics made me super happy! So glad the plane ride home was better than the one over. Speak later hun xx