Mar 27

To Seattle!

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We spent all of Friday packing our bags. Well, I spent the entire Friday packing, Ivan spent the day running around tying up loose ends with paying bills and organising things and Mika spent the day climbing through boxes and swimming in her paddling pool under the watch of her abuelita (grandma). It’s fair to say that things worked out well for Mika while Ivan and I felt just a bit miserable that we couldn’t be playing with her all day.

To cut a long story into 24 words, we were told (on Friday) that instead of leaving our house on Sunday like we had planned, we had to get out on Friday.

Strange, yes, but we had no choice. So after a very long day, a very long night and a few tears, we set up camp at Ivan’s mum’s home.

Today we just found out that we are flying to Seattle on Wednesday and I am impossibly excited whilst at the same time feeling a bit annoyed at myself for also feeling a little exhausted. Traveling is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but on little to no sleep, with working full time at the moment and with a 1 year old, sometimes just the thought of a 3 hour bus, 2 plane rides and around 12 hours in transit is just overwhelming! But I’m just being silly really, because I find the airport ridiculously exciting and I love being in new places and I am so excited to be in such a beautiful city. I’m just exhausted right now and it’s after midnight and I’ve been working on a silly problem for a website we’re building and it’s driving me nuts.

I was debating about posting some of my favourite links or just some photos of Mika and her favourite people. The favourite people won.

With her 2 godmamas doing crosswords

Being fed by Oma

Playing trains with my friend cousin Jack

Hangin out with godpapa Red (we’re still working on those names)

My Uncle Vinny

Uncle Pablo

Aunty Anita

Reading with Grandpa

Oh OK and here are some fun links I’ve collected over the week:

The ultimate roof-top garden (my hero!)

Hilarious tips for single women in 1938. (Found via Courtney’s blog)

An awesome DIY chalkboard tutorial.

Eating red meat increases chances of death.

Never fly with your bags again!

These wedding dresses


    Isn’t The Selby the most inspirational thing ever!! Gosh I love his eye and acquaintances. Totally on dream wish list to be featured in The Selby. 

    • Pamela Minett

      Most definitely me also

  • Anonymous

    The tips for single women is amazing… I’ve been doing EVERYTHING wrong this whole time.

    • Pamela Minett

      I know… I actually thought of you whilst reading it. :)