Oct 29

Wet weekends and awesome friends

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As we headed out the door, with our raincoats on and no diaper bag or stroller – Ivan grabbed my hand and said ‘when was the last time we did this?’ And I couldn’t even remember.

Our lovely friend Lani had offered randomly to watch Mika for a few hours in case we had something that we wanted to do. We jumped at the amazingly kind offer and decided to run a couple little errands and then just sit in one of our favourite tea shops and play scrabble.

The problem with paying a nanny to watch Mika on the weekends is that it puts a ton of pressure on us to do something really freaking amazing in those hours. If we’re paying anywhere from $10-$20 an hour, we want to make sure that we are 100% enjoying our time. So…running errands and sitting in a coffee shop doesn’t feel like a justified way to spend upwards of $30, but when family or friends are happy to spend a couple hours playing with Mika, then somehow we feel much more relaxed and can easily just spend that time walking around the block together holding hands and talking.

We tried to show our gratitude by making Lani dinner (a new vegetable green curry dish I’d been wanting to try) and hopefully it did the trick.


The weekend was wet. I did a very wet 17km run on Saturday and we spent the day at an awesome indoor playground/cafe. Today we cleaned in the morning, strolled to the farmer’s market and enjoyed a relatively warm and dry day. This afternoon we hosted an awesome potluck and now I’m about to sleep in anticipation of a 5:10am wakeup for an early morning track session. Yeah, I’m nervous.

It was a pretty photo-less weekend too.