Mar 01

with a nearly 2 year old

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my alarm goes off at 550am and i pick up my phone and force myself to read an email from adele on my phone because that always wakes me up. i jump on my bike at 6:05am and get to yoga at 6:12am.

stretch. breathe. be.

at 745am i sit in the cafe next to the yoga studio and i read my book and i sit in the comfy chairs because i am not with mika and i feel relaxed and happy and after you have a child you apparently quickly learn how to instantly relax and appreciate tiny moments of calm. i own that calm for about 45 minutes before jumping back on my bike and heading home to make oats.

and the rest of my day is spent with this curious little girl and i thank the universe (and ivan) for morning yoga and small pockets of calm. (and for bringing this curious little girl into my life. obvi)

mama but the dog went this way!

more! (success)

amateur hair cuts. she can pull it off though

calm times

my tiny gardener

  • Emily Malone

    I love this, and miss you guys! Let’s please plan something soon! And I have to know — where is that awesome playground with the rock slide?

    • Pamela Minett

      It’s in Wallingford at Meridian Park – it’s an AWESOME park! You have to go if you haven’t been! It’s perfect for picnics when the weather is nice :)

  • Adele Barlow

    I’ll be waking you up IN PERSON so soon. wooooooop xxxxx