Nov 07

Making changes

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This week Ivan and I haven’t watched a single television show. This is a big deal. Usually we’re exhausted and it’s 1030pm and before we go to sleep we decide to watch one of the many television shows we seem to have become attached to (Breaking Bad (up to season 3), Homeland, The Walking Dead, Modern Family). And then it’s 1130pm and we’re extra exhausted but kind of wired from staring at a computer screen.

Mika has been having a rough time sleeping in her new toddler bed. Last night she was up every 2 hours (WHAT THE WHAT?!). And there are so many books I need to read and teachings I need to practice and letters I want to write. So on Monday I asked Ivan if he would support me in us NOT watching television before bed and he said yes and it has been so great.

On Monday I took Ivan through some yoga poses and then we were so exhausted we went straight to bed. On Tuesday we played our old favourite board game and talked and laughed together. Last night I read my book and turned out the light around 930pm.

Obviously at some point we’ll watch a television show again but this week we’ve created space for something new by making some positive changes and it feels wonderful. Sometimes that is all you need to feel a little unstuck.

Now we just have to work on Mika’s sleeping habits….

  • Anonymous

    I wish I had your discipline! Adam & I watch a TED talk every night before we go to bed, but we’re usually sooo exhausted that we both fall asleep before the end of it. And then, we have weird dreams related to the TED talk. Creepy…

    Anyway, that aside… Miss you two :)xo

    • Pamela Minett

      Haha Jade I think that watching TED talks is much better than watching The Walking Dead though….at least you’re actually learning something! Miss you guys also x

  • Sam O’Leary

    I did something similar the month before last, no tv for 40 days, it was incredible how much more I got done/read/exercised/ate/etc. It was also a good way to zoom out from a habit and remember why I like TV and appreciate it ever the more whence I returned to watching it more mindfully.

    Those sleep scientists say that watching screens before going to bed is terrible for you as it makes it more difficult or your brain to reach R.E.M sleep. Something to do with brainwave stimulation etc etc. So now I try and not look at a screen for the the hour before I go to sleep and (for good measure, absolutely no science involved) for the first hour after waking – no phone, no laptops.

    When I stick to this regiment I find I’m generally more rested and I dream more! Which is great.

    Break habits but long live TV night.
    Rest well my dears & fais de beaux reves.